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What’s Holding Up Pak Lah? March 13, 2009

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Pak Lah has yet to decide on the date for the transition of power to his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. WHY?

It is less than two weeks before the baton is passed over to Najib as agreed upon but the OLD MAN has yet to make up his mind. Is Pak Lah trying to buy time and tire out all avenues to remain in office?

Why did he meet Anwar Ibrahim in Ulu Langat? For the sake of Malay unity? He must be joking if that was his reason for meeting his old buddy.

He should have done that long time ago if he is serious in uniting the Malays but look at what happens to our country now.

These issues have resulted in speculations and talks being widely deliberated among the rakyat and political pundits.

His clowning around is not making things better.

If Pak Lah is really concern about the peace and stability of the country, he would have allayed all fears in the rakyat by re-affirming his commitment and pledge that would prevent all guesswork and tittle-tattle that will impede efforts to improve the economy, unity and peace.

What is Pak Lah up to? He was the one who agreed that it would be done in March after being pressured to do so.

Why can’t he make up his mind and decide on the date? We expect Pak Lah to officially announce Najib as the new Prime Minister during his winding up speech at the last day of the Umno General Assembly on March 28.

But it seems that Pak Lah is making a U-turn now and tries to delay the power transition. I believe his political cronies are making an 11th hour attempt and campaign to retain him in office. My worries and earlier conjectures on this issue have some truth. (Please read my earlier posting titled Pak Lah Still Wants To Remain In Office?).

The people looked up at him when he took over the Prime Ministership from Tun M as he was dubbed as MR CLEAN.




1. Dal - March 14, 2009

“… I believe his political cronies are making an …” yes political cronies from the oppositions ….

MR CLEAN? … rather wolf in a sheep’s skin …
Musang berbulu ayam
Tongkat membawa rebah
Harapkan pagar, pagar memakan padi
Telunjuk menjolok mata
Kadok naik junjung
Gunting dalam lipatan
Si buta penunjuk jalan

2. ron - March 14, 2009

Brother whoeveru r. It is ok if Ireproduce this posting in kuda kepang.

Salam takzim
Ruhanie Ahmad

3. Malaysian Story - March 14, 2009

Brother no problem. Please feel free to share

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