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Lim Guan Eng Is A Beggar Now March 11, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Penang.
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Tackle economy, Penang told reads the headlines in an English daily while the sub-heading reads Groups want government to stop politicking and deal with pressing issues.

This is the state government that Penangites have today. The state leaders, especially Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, is busy politicking and digging the past mistakes of the previous state government.

He has failed to live up to the expectations of the rakyat and fulfill his election promises.

Based on what I observed, Lim had gone to the extent of becoming a beggar when he constantly beg for money from the federal government to help boost Penang economy.

The latest was when he confidently said that the federal government would help Penang inject RM30bil to put the state’s economy back on track following the current economic crisis.

RM30bil? Lim must be joking and dreaming.

Why should the federal government waste that much money for Lim when there are many other states ruled by Barisan Nasional that need the fund.

What happen to his 2008 election manifesto? He was overwhelmingly confident when he said the DAP do not need the help from the federal government when he appealed for votes during his election campaign.

He and his father condemned the federal government for wasting money on mega projects. But Lim is singing a different tune now when he helms the state. He begs the federal government to fund mega projects which he had vehemently opposed when he was outside the state government.

The projects include the RM4.3bil Second Link Project, the RM1.02bil Penang Outer Ring Road project and the LRT plan for Penang.

Actually, Lim is a confused man now. He doesn’t know how to generate income for Penang and maintain the economic competitiveness of the state. Bear in mind that Penang is the Silicon Valley of the country.

So, Lim has no choice but to go back to Barisan Nasional’s drawing board and copies the projects that had been drawn up and planned by the previous state government.

He will then claim that the projects are implemented during his time. But where is Lim going to get the money for the projects? He can keep on dreaming.

This is the CAT philosophy promoted by Lim in his state administrative. A lazy CAT that likes to copy.



1. Dal - March 11, 2009

Make him dream of giving back Penang TO UMNO the TUAN
Open to him of the nightmare of holding on to Penang by changing all public and private sighboards in the language of Mainland China.

2. che dett - March 11, 2009

What do you expect from the Lim”s? They are politicians, born to be opposition never to rule. Even they didn’t expect to win Penang in the last GE. Much of their time and energy spent on oppossing, never really have much thought on actually ruling the state. Penang is one of the richest state, second after Selangor. Lim Guan Eng knows nothing about running a state government, especially Penang; afterall he is from Malacca. Upon assuming office, Lim thought that Penang Port, is under state government and that he can utilized cash of Penang Port only to be made known later that Penang Port is under MOF inc. He then turned towards the local councils for cash only to found out that not much left in the coffers, not much even not enough to sustain the council. And he already declared all parking summons worth million in fines due to the councils,cancelled.

Penangites can live without the mega projects for the time being. Does Lim Guan Eng really thinks that the federal government will give in into his demand. What a clown he is.

3. arjuna waspada - March 11, 2009

Sore loser sour grapes kiasu also don wan to lose typical profit my one loss gahmen take.
Belajar jurukira sama dengan LABU LCT punye pencadang.
Mahu cepat mahu murah mahu hutang lagi.
kalau bolih ta bayar langsung.O P M.
Certfy Akuan T
changkat lobak.
arjuna waspada

4. azreel hamzah - March 13, 2009

anak dengan bapak sama saja..banyak condemn/critic orang saja pandai..auta banyak sangat samapi naik meluat dengar dia komen psai mini bajet….just SHUT-Up dan buat lah kerja tu..CM nak jadi..ahli Parlimen pon nak jadi..bila nak buat kerja kat state?..asyik dok melalut macam si anuar jugak..

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