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Tree House Is Only Fit for Monkeys March 7, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm in Perak.
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THE leader of the Tree House (I thought tree house is only meant for monkeys), V. Sivakumar, has failed in his bid to be represented by his appointed counsels in two civil suits against him filed by the state government.

Well, that sums it all – doing monkey business by someone who doesn’t even know the law, albeit, holding the highest position in the noble House.

It is an open secret that Anwar Ibrahim is the culprit behind the shameful and ignominious act of PKR Perak assemblymen in holding the controversial state assembly session under a tree after they were barred from entering the House.

Like I said, trees are associated with monkeys and those seen participating in the illegal state assembly session are actually behaving like primates and embarrassing the country.

These blokes just do not care about law and order as long as they serve Anwar’s political ends.

I wonder when Anwar’s political circus is going to end. I do not see Anwar making any efforts to help the rakyat who are now grappling with the current economic turmoil.

And I have not heard Anwar making any plan or suggestion to help the country weather the economic storm.

He was quick to offer his “economic stimulus package” and other economic plans as well as a promise to reduce petrol prices during the height of the petrol crisis and before the 12th general election.

But why is he keeping quiet now when the country is facing real economic problem? Has he forgotten about the rakyat?

That’s Anwar. He will use the rakyat to his maximum advantage and pursue his political ambitions. Let us not be fooled by the BIG MONKEY.



1. all for najib - March 7, 2009

under pkr, we will be ruled by kerajaan berok because that big indian berok, v. sivakumar, leads us to nowhere. anwar is the BAPAK BEROK

2. no monkeying - March 7, 2009

i think we have enuf of all these, we need to lead a life, fend for our families and look for the future. the existing political circus will not help us in any way. we miss the era of dr m.

3. Rakyat - March 7, 2009

It is sad to see the political sizzle had caused so much confusion, hatred, anger, controversies and so much waste of time and resouces. Yup, i agreed…dr. m way so much stable

4. rajan - March 7, 2009

Put your words where the votes are. 54% of Perakians voted you the PR. BN will pay dearly for their sins.

5. reality show - March 8, 2009

54% perakians voted for perakians. my friend rajan, u r behind time. that was HISTORY brother. we dont need monkeys on the streets as they belong to the ZOO

6. reality show - March 8, 2009

54% perakians voted for PR?. my friend rajan, u r behind time. that was HISTORY brother. we dont need monkeys on the streets as they belong to the ZOO

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