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The Singh Is Sickening February 27, 2009

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Singh is King? I nearly burst into laughter when I saw the headlines in the local newspapers yesterday (Thursday).

It should actually read “Singh Is Sickening.”

I think the cunning Karpal Singh is insinuating to the Agong or Sultan that he is actually the ruler and not them.

This is another “kurang ajar” statement from the DAP national chairman.

The “bangali” is using his immunity as an MP to say that he is the King when he spoke in the Dewan Rakyat.

No wonder 100 police reports had been lodged against him for his insulting statements and ill-mannered behavior against the Perak Sultan and the Malays.

As a seasoned lawyer, Karpal should know that whatever he says and does in public would have great consequences, what more when it involves the Malay rulers’ institution.

He should not blame others if action is taken against him and he is put behind bars.

And the police, based on the 100 police reports, have recommended to the Attorney-General, to charge him with sedition for incitement to rebellion.

So, let’s see if Karpal will become a King or a tamed Singh.



1. Anonymous - February 27, 2009

I just want to plea to our Malaysian politicians that they should stop stirring up racial issues/sentiments or insulting the Sultan or create confrontation for their political agenda. We the people are really fed up with all their antics. Please put aside piliticking and unite to face the economic crisis. I am sick and tired and so are millions of Malaysian who are beginning to think that we have indeed have elected a bunch of “hampas punya wakil rakyat”!

2. all for najib - February 27, 2009

i agree gthat his bloody karpal singh is playing with fire. he should wear his turban and stand in front of the mirror and ask himself where did forefathers originated. maybe in one of the slumdog pariah area.

3. non of your business - March 3, 2009

You malays , please dont provoke us ok. where the hell are you originated from? you guys can only eat nasi lemK AND SIT…DONT PROVOKE THE SINGH’S….. WATCH YOUR WORDS … YES, OUR FORE FATHERS originated in India and we are so proud of it . It is a mistake for us to come to a shit country like this dealing with malay’s full of shit.

4. non of your business - March 3, 2009

Orang melayu boleh mati….anyway tanpa kaum lain di negara ini, you orang tak boleh jadi apa apa. u cuma tahu makan nasi dengan ikan saja.
Memang bangsat!!

5. bongok - March 4, 2009

please apply a new citizen of India, pakistan or elsewhere except MALAYSIA u found hurtly every day…

6. the singh is a sick community - March 7, 2009

i think non of your business is another example of a sick bangali that needs a jab in his butt. or maybe anwar can give him a good jab in his arse. no wonder the sickening karpal is now a wheelchairbound bangali as he was punished by his bangali god for being a kurang ajar bangali

7. Oh yeah - March 12, 2009

Btw while i’m not in both sides, i would like to remind that it’s Mr Karpal Singh as ‘individual’ that becomes rather ‘wild’ and insolent to the law of the country, not the other our fellow Singh malaysians, unless they form government and implement the new law to this ‘any persons in malaysia are allowed to insult anyone everywhere everytime regardless any status with reason or without reason’ —> ‘i don’t think this law will ever happen’, then i have no complaint. Yea and lastly, better put Karpal is sickening, not Singh is sickening, so it wouldn’t bring any further problem.

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