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Pak Lah Wants To Remain In Office? February 25, 2009

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I hope I heard it correctly. Pak Lah’s residence in Sungai Penchala, somewhere near Bandar Baru Damansara, has been turned into a headquarters by his cronies in Umno and family members to plot a strategy to retain him in office after the party’s general assembly next month.

The house has been used as a meeting point almost every night for them to demand support from Umno leaders to retain the Prime Minister in office. There is some truth in this as until today, Pak Lah has not said anything about transferring of power to his deputy.

Obviously, the rakyat is a bit apprehensive as Pak Lah is keeping quiet about how he wants to transfer the power to Datuk Seri Najib.

There was also news weeks back that KJ is planning to hold a nationwide campaign to get support from Umno members to rally behind Pak Lah and demand his father-in-law to remain as Prime Minister.

If Pak Lah is successful in his bid to hold power, it will be another unmitigated disaster to the country. I hope the news is another hoax but I cannot deny that there is some truth in it. I am worried.



1. anti-Pak Lah - February 26, 2009

i pray that the country will be rescued from the current political turmil when hajib is pm.. pak lah is a gone case, sorry to say

2. zazaland - March 16, 2009

pak lah should leave …….he is a hopeless case.

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