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Nutty Speaker February 21, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm In Pakatan, Storm in Perak.
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How can we let this idiot who does not even read law to do things at his whim and fancies?

The defunct Perak legislative assembly speaker V. Sivakumar, out of revenge, suspends the Mentri Besar for 18 months and his six state executive councillors for a year.

The nutty Speaker claimed that Zamry and his exco members had failed to provide explanation to the Committee of Privilege on the charge of having committed contempt of the state legislative assembly when they declared themselves as the mentri besar and state excos.

It is a clear case of abuse of power by Sivakumar and the move is more politically motivated to paralyse and bring down the new Barisan Nasional Perak government.

Sivakumar has acted beyond his jurisdiction.

Legal experts, including Law professor Dr Shad Faruqi Saleem said Sivakumar has no power to suspend the Mentri Besar and his exco members. He said the assembly had to sit and approve the suspension of any members.

Well-known lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah described the Speaker’s action as disrespect to the Sultan of Perak as it was a “back door way of disobeying the royal command”.

Zamry said Sivakumar’s claim that they have failed to offer any explanation is a lie of the most serious nature ever committed by a Speaker.

I don’t blame Sivakumar for his dim-witted action as this is the nature and behaviour exposed by many Pakatan-Rakyat leaders.

Conclusion. How can we let and trust leaders like Sivakumar to run the state legislative assembly when all his actions are personal in nature, driven by political resentment and not unjustifiable by the law.

Even a Perak DAP assemblyman revealed that the state Pakatan-Rakyat leadership, in a meeting hours after the Speaker’s suspension of the mentri besar and his state exco members, is planning the next course of action.

Well, that sums everything. The real motive behind the suspension of the mentri besar and his exco men.



1. Sumo Piar - February 21, 2009

PR? Heh heh. The moronic blind leading the imbecilic monstrous mob. All at the expense of the voters. People, friends, countrymen … lend me your ears … you are soundly conned during the 12th. GE. To repeat the mistake is ….. yeah yeah I know … to err is … an act of the divine half-life.

2. ketuanan melayu - February 21, 2009

i think sivakumar ought to be banished from perak. and also karpal singh. why is he so surprise to receive live bullets? he should be shot in the head..

3. justice riser - February 21, 2009

the local political scene has become haywire. when are these people going to serve the rakyat and honor their election promises? i really wonder

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