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As Usual, PKR’s Blame Game Again February 20, 2009

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders are now playing the blame game again. As usual, they will shift the blame to Barisan Nasional leaders for any misdemeanor committed by their own leaders.

The sex scandal involving the BUKIT terLANJANg state assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong is another clear case in point.

They tell the whole world not to speculate and pass judgment on the ‘misconduct’ of Elizabeth.

They said let police carry out their investigations. They also said it was a private matter.

They want people to be fair and not to conduct an open trial on Elizabeth before police complete their investigations.

But before the police could even start their work, the same PKR blokes who demanded for fairness, including Anwar Ibrahim, Theresa “Cock” and Tian Chua, pointed their fingers and insinuating BN leaders for plotting the “telanjang” episode of Elizabeth.

Funny isn’t it? Elizabeth says she is not ashamed for exposing herself to the people, an admission of guilt. And I am not amused at all with her statement. Even, her mentor and PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is also not ashamed of his sodomy activities. So, what’s new about them?

The question is why blame BN leaders when the whole world knows that it was your own doing.

Elizabeth herself is a no better leader and a person with low morale. She let herself exposed to her former boyfriend, Hilmi Malek, 33, when they were together in her house. She stripped naked when she knew that her boyfriend was around with her.

Any vulture, for that matter, would tear its prey apart to pieces upon getting the slightest opportunity.

And police are now looking high and low for her ex-boyfriend Hilmi who had since gone missing after her nude pictures were circulated in public.

Even PKR’s PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian, who is Hilmi’s former boss, could not shed any light to Hilmi’s whereabouts.

Hee only reply to reporters who mobbed him at the MP’s lounge in parliament was that Hilmi worked for him for only nine months.

Like the police, I am also looking high and low and trying to piece together any clues of Barisan Nasional leaders involvement in Elizabeth’s scandal. There is none.

So, I hope PKR leaders will stop making speculations, insinuations and pointing their fingers before police complete their probe.



1. HantuRaya - February 20, 2009

Hilmi dan Elizabeth kedua-duanya di luar negeri? How convenient.

Jangan-jangan di luar negeri tapi dalam bilik bersama kot.

Kalau iya pun, tak siapa heran. Ahli Porno Klab Raya (PKR) laaa katakan. Tengoklah siapa penasihat agongnya?

2. Geletek - February 20, 2009

Lebih hairan tu, yang pakai tudung labuh pun sokong sampai nangis-nangis gitu. Nik Aziz kata kalau nak bogel sambil lari atau main sorok-sorok dalam rumah boleh ape… haha. apa nak jadi lah sampai Tok Guru pun sokong!

3. Bukit Bogel - February 21, 2009

ala, ape korang nak heran kan. elizabeth wong ni lebih sundal dari sundal. nak jadi pemimpin kene bersih. kalau dak berserakah dalam rumah dgn jantan lain, ape yang nak dibersihkan. terima lah akibatnya. hahahaha…serve her right

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