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The List of PKR Leaders Involved in Wrongdoings And Sex Scandals Goes On And On February 18, 2009

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EXPLOSIVE! Caught in the nude.. Bukit Lanjan PKR state assemblywoamn Elizabeth Wong, out of nowhere, has now become the centre of attraction for the wrong reason.

I got this SMS from a friend which read “Wakil Rakyat Elizabeth Wong akan memohon kepada DUN Selangor agar DUN Bukit Lanjan (ofwhich she is the elected representative) diberi nama baru Bukit terLANJANg.”

Initially, I thought it was only a joke and prank and did not take serious note about it until I heard TV news about her case.

Elizabeth’s nude pictures are being circulated and she claims that she is a victim of unscrupulous persons who are out to destroy her political career and discredit her.


The only way for Elizabeth to redeem and cleanse herself is to resign.

I sympathize her but it seems that the list of PKR leaders who have been exposed with wrongdoings and sex scandals goes on and on and on.

It began with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy scandal followed by corruption charges against former PKR Perak state exco members Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu who have since resigned from the party and declared support for BN.

The nation was again hit by another sex scandal involving the party’s former Kedah exco member and Bukit Selambau assemblyman V Arumugam.

And now it is Elizabeth Wong’s turn to steal the spotlight from them.

Jamaludin and Mohd Osman have gone into hiding and so is Arumugam who is said to be hibernating in Chennai, India.

The biggest joke is on Anwar. He failed to show up at the opening of the second term of the 12th Parliament by Yang di-Pertuan Agong last Monday.. Anwar was reportedly to be in Dubai, hiding, after putting Perak in a mess.

I wonder if Elizabeth will go into hiding too. It is interesting to see who is next to hit the spotlight. Maybe Anwar again?



1. Thinker - February 18, 2009

Dear writer, I think it is very unethical to politicize on the private issue. Its very sad to see our former head of Selangor state trying to exploit the situation by speaking rudely in a press conference! I don’t think he gain any mileage except that he only show how low he is! The citizen of Selangor knows much about him especially his indulgence in Botox! Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Ms Elizabeth’s live style is ok. How can we allow a person who has such “loose” moral to be in office! I have no privilage to her photos or video clips. I can only think the worst and by so willingly sleeping with Mr X, she may be capable of letting others in as well! The main question is that can we trust her with our state secrets! Probably in trying to get sexual gratification she might be “force” to reveal state secrets! Imagine her trying to get sexual gratification and in return telling the “master” about our state’s secret. I might be paranoid but it can happen, so the question is, should we gamble our state’s future for the benefit of this women!

2. Bukit Telanjang - February 18, 2009

I a sure Ms Elizabeth deserved what is coming to her. Who ask her to be so sexually promiscuous? As always, there is a price to pay for sleeping with the enemy! And to you guys asking for those pictures and videos, its not worth the trouble, she is not even pretty!

3. Mat - February 18, 2009

To all those who supported her in this episode, I pray that your daughters look up to Ms Elizabeth and just follow her foot steps! I don’t think she is a good role model to our children! Probably the Jabatan Agama Islam should investigate and take action on her so call Master.

4. Mat Reset - February 18, 2009

If Yang Berbogel (YB) Elizabeth Wong cannot keep secrets of he pubic hair, than how to keep state secrets?

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

5. Kick Her Out - February 18, 2009

If she cannot keep her private life private and her private “p” private how can she manage to keep government secret a secret!

6. guns of navarone - February 18, 2009

i agree with all af u above there. even a prostitute can keep her private life secret. so in short, this woman by the name elizabeth is worst than a prostitute. how can someone of this character hold a high office in selangor.

7. elizabeth wrong - February 18, 2009

thats what pakatan rakyat can deleiver to the people. sex, defection, lies, corruption and just talks. what a group of moron they are

8. wong stand - February 18, 2009

Nymphomaniac elizabeth wong – night stands for 7/7 – any tom dick and harry – —– yo pkr people – this the best you can do for your voters – your state – your country?

What do you pkr stand for? Newspaper stand? Bus/taxi stand?
No laa … pkr has no stand laaa …. night stands ya ya ya.

9. MCA - February 18, 2009

Hey you guys, don’t be so harsh on her. Remember she is the victim and as Malaysians we must be sympathetic to the weak. How can you guys draw such conclusions when the police have not completed their investigations.

10. wong stand - February 18, 2009

this eliz wong did unto others … it figures that others do unto her now … hey mca … nobody was any harsher to her … you are soft to her … know why … you were with her before this cameraman … he war angry because she felt asleep on the job … you wore her out too much … and now you want others not to be harsh … you must be as harsh as papa king kong … typical

11. Teman - February 18, 2009

If DSAI is dunderhead evildoer of Pakatan Rakyat. Elizabeth “baik punya”

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