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10 Reasons Why We Should Not Support Pakatan Rakyat February 17, 2009

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1. There are clear divergence and disagreement between leaders representing member parties in the coalition. PR was formed less than a year ago based on the concept of Marriage of Convenience (to topple Barisan Nasional) of which there is clear evidence and significant signs showing that the marriage is on the rock.

2. DAP national chairman is adamant in suing the Sultan of Perak, undermining the dignity and sovereignty of the Malay rulers institution which is considered as ‘sacred’ and will be defended by the Malays at all cost. His action tantamounts to treason and deemed as rude and irresponsible and unacceptable by the Malays.

3. Even the Selangor Sultan has joined the chorus of those who are condemning Karpal’s despicable acts against the Perak Sultan through his recent statement saying that he was deeply saddened and disappointed over the disputes to the recent appointment of the new Perak state government to the extend of displaying rudeness to the Perak Sultan.

4. PR head and Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is the main culprit behind the whole ugly episode in Perak is hiding and keeping mum over the issue. He has not uttered a word over Karpal’s intention to sue the Perak Sultan. Is Anwar fighting for the Malays and defending the monarchy system as he preached at his Parti Keadilan Keadilan last general assembly? This shows that Anwar is a great hypocrite. He is only interested to become Prime Minister and using others to pursue his dreams.

Karpal Singh is vehemently against hudud and qisas while PAS with its hardline policy on Islam is determined to implement the Islamic laws even if it takes another 30 years. Karpal says Malaysia is a secular state while PAS wants to turn the country into an Islamic state. Both are still fighting over this issue while Anwar will only jump into the bandwagon that will take him to Putrajaya.

5.  Anwar is actually the real parasite in Pakatan Rakyat. He was also the parasite in Umno when he was Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Umno president, a man who cannot be trusted.

6.  Anwar sanctions defection though party hopping as a way to grab power. Karpal, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz and other PR leaders did not oppose to this method when Anwar kept on saying about the 31 Barisan MPs who would crossover to PR to enable him to become PM on Sept 16 last year. Thank God it did not happen. But when Barisan took over Perak Government, PR leaders panicked and scrambled to file lawsuits and despised defection and party hopping. It shows that these blokes have no principles and leaders that should not be respected.

7. Following the fall of PR Government in Perak, Karpal issued a statement for Anwar to step down and accused Anwar of being the culprit that caused political chaos in the country, particularly in Perak. He also deemed party hopping as illegal and unethical. Karpal’s comrades Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng did not agree with Karpal and still want Anwar to lead PR. Clear divergence and disagreement over policy matters in DAP itself.

8. PR leaders, especially Anwar always run down the mainstream media, especially Utusan Malaysia, RTM and TV3 for lope-sided coverage. But have they been fair to BN leaders in media reports owned by their parties? Name me one fair report about BN government in Harakah, Rocket, Suara Keadilan, Siasah or any media owned by them. What democracy are they talking about?

9. PR leaders are engrossed with too much politicking, thus, neglecting the interest and welfare of the people who have given their mandate and thrust in the last general election. Most of their election promises have not been fulfilled. Check their 2008 Election Manifesto and see if any of the pledges made honoured to date.

10. I believe that the final reason why we should not support PR is crucial and very important. PR which is led by Anwar will take us to nowhere. We must bear in mind that Anwar is facing a sodomy charge and there is solid evidence that he might be convicted. This spells the end of the ailing PR coalition when Anwar is convicted and put behind bars.



1. Tipah Tak Tertipu - February 17, 2009

When all is said and done, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing because the game is not worth the nation.

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