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Will Najib Become PM? February 16, 2009

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The Election Commission has set March 29 as the nomination date for the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections.

Whether it was coincidental or pre-planned, the date is the last day of outgoing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in office.

It is also the last day of the Umno General Assembly.

It will be Najib’s game. It will be a test acid for him to gauge the rakyat’s support and whether he can shore up their confidence upon assuming the No 1 post.

The question now being asked by many is will Najib become Prime Minister?

I will tell you why Najib should be Prime Minister.



1. prihatin - February 17, 2009

I personally believe that Najib can be a great PM. We need somebody with experience and dedication to take us out of this economic trouble that we are facing now. Give this fellow a chance. We can always voted him out next election if he did not delivers but do not oppose him just for the sake of opposing.

2. obama berak - February 17, 2009

I think najib can deliver to the people. he has shown some qualities in his administration style and approach and is sensitive to the grouses of the people. but he needs to keep his wife off from Umno and the government. try to minimize innuendos on her. tun hasmah ali is a great example of a clean First Lady.

3. SI Ketul - February 17, 2009

najib will be great PM if he can clip rosmah’s wings…

4. HOPEFUL - February 17, 2009

The country needs a good leader to put her back on track like it was during Dr M’s era of rule. the people are putting high hope on Najib. Lets support him and dethrone him if he fails

5. PAS lawatan - February 17, 2009

ana rase banyak yang perlu diperbetulkan oleh najib dari segi keperibadiannya. ana kagum dengan zaman pemerintahan republik islam iran semasa revolusi iran yang didokong oleh ayatollah ruhollah komeini. beliau mati hanya meninggalkan empat benda. senaskah AlQuran, cermin mata miliknya, passport antarabangsanya dan sepasang selipar kegunaannya semasa hayat. Bukannya HARTA kekayaan. Inilah contoh pemimpin agong. Sanggupkah Najib mengikut jejaknya???

6. ANTI-SKANDAL - February 17, 2009

najib pun byk skandal. adiknya juga sudah kaya dari pertolongan abangnya. CIMB milik siapa?

7. geng - February 17, 2009

najis, eh silap najib

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