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50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister(Part 4 – Final) February 16, 2009

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According to the local news, there is an estimated 20,000 gays in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The number increases rapidly and it is worrisome that Kuala Lumpur will become the village of Sadum in Palestine where almost its entire inhabitants were homosexuals.

The people of Sadum totally ignored the warnings of the Prophet Lut that God the Almighty forbids their behavior. Finally, God the Almighty except the Prophet Lut and some of his followers destroyed Sadum and its entire people.

We are afraid that God will do the same to Malaysia if the rapid increase in homosexuals in Kuala Lumpur is uncontrollable.

Anwar is mightier that the people of Lut since he can have sex with both men and women.


Anwar’s sex scandals, homosexuality, corruption, abuse of power, puppet to foreign powers and others, make him an unpopular leader. Anwar’s bad behaviors will lead to chaos not only within UMNO but also to the whole country.


Before Anwar became the Finance Minister, there were many wealthy Malays. But soon after Anwar took over from Daim Zainuddin, the Malays become poor. For five years they waited patiently for the economy to recover but it never did. The Malays will become poorer, the longer Anwar is the Finance Minister. Only Anwar’s families are the ones getting richer and wealthier.


Malaysia is well known worldwide due to the efforts of the Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. In a relatively short period, Malaysia will be transformed from a third world country to a developed country.

The Vision 2020 concept is making Malaysia achieve the developed country status. The people will be united and enjoy a high standard of living.

Can Malaysia achieve this vision if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister? The people predict that the country’s future will be bleak under Anwar’s administration.


During this economic slowdown, Anwar still persists in lining up his political strategy to grab power by toppling Dr. Mahathir.

Anwar commands that all his generals and lieutenants must contest and win important posts in all UMNO divisions during the elections held recently.

Fortunately, the rules and regulations of the UMNO Supreme Council thwarted Anwar’s plans. As a result, Anwar’s staunch supporters did not hold many of these positions.

If Anwar’s strategy was successful, he plans to contest and removes Dr. Mahathir in the 1999 UMNO elections.


The immense wealth of Anwar and his men with their money politics will ensure their candidates win in UMNO elections.

In the election for UMNO Divisional Chief for Langkawi in 1995, Anwar’s cronies used money politics to ensure Sanusi Junid’s chances of wining was totally diminished. The influence of money politics was so strong that Sanusi lost to Anwar’s crony, Abu Bakar Taib, the Member of Parliament (MP) of Langkawi.

It was the same for Kota Melaka. Due to money politics by Anwar, Rahim Thamby Chik lost to Anwar’s crony.


Malay customs are usually associated with Islamic values. Anwar used to champion Islam when he was in ABIM.

But when he became a Minister, his Malay customs disappeared. Anwar was recorded squatting down while eating in public and even used chopsticks while eating with the Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was too lenient with Anwar despite Anwar showing disrespect to him. Dr Mahathir had to find ways to control the country’s finances for orderly expenditure.

In order to prevent Anwar from spending public funds unnecessarily during the economic slowdown, the Prime Minister established the National Economic Action Council (NEAC) and appointed Daim Zainuddin as its executive director.


Anwar should realize that the establishment of the NEAC clearly showed that his credibility of managing the country’s finances is gravely questionable. If Anwar is a man with high morals and principles, he should resign as Finance Minister.


UMNO and Malay unity, which so far is very stable, will be destroyed if Anwar becomes Prime Minister replacing Dr Mahathir. This is based on the facts laid out in this book.


Finally, the prophecy by Haji Sulaiman Palestine to Dr Mahathir before he passed away.

Haji Sulaiman Palestine was Anwar’s uncle. He was also an UMNO veteran who had full knowledge of Anwar’s secrets and weaknesses.

Due to this knowledge, he left a prophecy so that Dr Mahathir will not choose Anwar as Prime Minister because it will lead to the disintegration of UMNO.

Dr Mahathir was strongly advised by Haji Sulaiman Palestine to choose Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister if Dr Mahathir wishes to see UMNO in safe hands.


Anwar is a homosexual through his same sex relationship with one of his victims who has the courage to come forward. He is Azizan Abu Bakar who used to be Anwar’s driver but is now the driver of Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Anwar has a secret affair with Shamsidar Taharin who is the wife of Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Anwar lied about Ummi Hafilda Ali (the sister of Mohamed Azmin Ali) about her having a crush on him through love letters sent to him solely for his political survival.

Anwar disgraced his own private secretary by having a scandal with Shamsidar Taharin without the knowledge of Shamsidar’s husband.

Anwar disgraced the whole family of Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Anwar abused his power to cover up all his lies, deceits and filth.

Anwar disgraced Islam by projecting an image of a devout Muslim by delivering sermons all over the place when in fact he is a devil in disguise.

Anwar does all sorts of devious things to threaten the credibility of UMNO’s leadership as the backbone of the nation without considering its implications to the development of the people and the country.


To ask the Prime Minister’s wisdom to investigate every report submitted.

To ask for protection and security on behalf of the writer and the whole family.

To expose the truth for the sake of the party and country.

To overcome grave emotional pressure in the whole family when the case became public knowledge.

To ask the Prime Minister to save Mohamed Azmin Ali from continuing his service with a monster, Anwar Ibrahim.

To ask the Prime Minister to take appropriate action if the reports submitted are true to give a clear signal to other leaders not to abuse their power and position.

To stop the sexual acts against the order of nature which is forbidden by God.



1. Rakyat Malaysia - February 16, 2009

DSAI- Don’t misled our beloved country through rudeness, treachery, arrogance, ignorance in knowledge and lust for power!

2. mydin tanjung - February 17, 2009

alahai anwar laknatullah tu. mamu memang kenai sangat dgn pemimpin yang bermuka-muka tu. kami orang tanjung kan. banyak cerita yang org habaq kat kami. depa tengok sendiri. pi masjid cakap lain. di luaq buat benda lain..sampai naik cemuih kami dengaq..lu pikiaq la sendiri!!!!

3. david thompson - February 17, 2009

for all sorts of reasons he can not be PM

malaysia needs to move forward and drop this scandal and bring in fresh untainted talent! remember the fight is not within , but Global to stay economically sound and prosperous and to Develop in all ways positive !!

4. lucari sendiri - March 28, 2009

Your comment are unfair and without basis. Do u mind presenting us with proofs before saying anything. Everyone can say anything that they wants but it is those who submits the facts has the obligation of proving that its true even if it goes beyond the limits. Prove it and i will believe. if not..anyone can make speculations like this. Come on la..we are not stupid enough to believe all that without basis..

5. kokrakhong - May 7, 2009

you seem to hate Anwar and a host of other leaders in most of your postings. tell me who is in your list to lead the malay or particularly malaysia?

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