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50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister (Part 3 – 16 – 39) February 15, 2009

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God the Almighty will not bless Anwar, for all his terrible sins.. He will not be able to administer the country properly since God already dooms him.


When Anwar was the leader of ABIM and a student, he loudly despised and belittled UMNO and its leaders but not long after that he praised those that he despised.


Anwar is a leader with no vision. His vision is only on bad intentions such getting himself rich from corruption, power takeover through UMNO and homosexuality.


Although Dr. Mahathir is the Prime Minister, Anwar ignored him and portrayed the image as if he is the Prime Minister. For instance, Anwar acted unilaterally on foreign policy matters which foundation has been laid correctly by Foreign Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Due to this, there were differences in the government’s stand on foreign policies between Dr. Mahathir, Anwar and Abdullah. Anwar uses government machineries as tools to achieve his own political ambition.


A lot of people were shocked when Anwar was accorded a red carpet treatment complete with a 21-gun salute by the Americans as if he is the head of state when Anwar visited Washington DC. Dr. Mahathir was never given this special treatment although he is the head of state. Similar special treatment by the Americans was also accorded to Boris Yeltsin while Gorbachev was still the President of the Soviet Union. Not long after that, Soviet Union disintegrated and Boris Yeltsin became the new President. Is the United States planning the same for Malaysia? The Malaysian people can make many conclusions on Anwar’s special relationship with the United States. Is Anwar an agent of the CIA?

21. RIBA

As Finance Minister of Malaysia, Anwar failed to defend the previously excellent economic status of the country. The economy continues to plunge. But surprisingly, the Americans still regard Anwar as a brilliant economist. Recently, Anwar was appointed as Chairman of the IMF Development Committee. IMF is the American financial institution that gives out loans to countries facing economic problems such as Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. The loans were given out with very strict conditions specially designed to suffocate those countries. So, Anwar is party to the practice of ‘riba’ in the IMF which is forbidden in Islam. Anwar can never make the IMF practice Islamic banking as practiced in Malaysia.

22. LIAR

Anwar is a chronic liar. He claimed that ABIM was founded by him and the word ABIM came from the abbreviations of his name. The fact is Sanusi Junid and Professor Nawawi Ghazali founded ABIM. Nawawi was its first president while Sanusi was the deputy president.

23. ABIM

Before Anwar left ABIM for UMNO, he swore that he would make UMNO an ABIM organization. No wonder many ABIM members are now in UMNO holding important positions such as Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs and Committee members in UMNO divisions and branches throughout the country.

24. PARTY ‘

46 REJOINS UMNO Anwar opposed the rejoining of Party ’46 to UMNO, which was headed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Anwar took every effort to prevent any Party ’46 members from holding high positions in UMNO. As a leader, it is unbecoming of Anwar to do this since Party ’46 is sincere in dissolving their party to rejoin UMNO.


Anwar will find ways to bring down and remove whoever is regarded as politically strong in UMNO so that his men will replace them. Among his victims were Ghaffar Baba, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Sanusi Junid, Rahim Thamby Chik, Mohamad Taib, Anuar Musa and Daim Zainuddin.


Ghaffar and Dr. Mahathir were among those who founded UMNO in 1946. After years of championing the UMNO struggles, it is only fair that Ghaffar deserves the Deputy Prime Minister’s post. But Anwar, who had just joined UMNO, became UMNO Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister by destroying other leaders who have done a lot for the people and the country. Anwar is disrespectful of these leaders.


Anwar is a hypocrite and as such made many mistakes which made him an unsuitable leader.


God the Almighty forbids homosexuality. As a homosexual, Anwar’s character, personality and behavior are questionable since he is a sinner.

29. A SNOB

Eversince Anwar became a Minister, he has forgotten his Islamic ideals and struggles. His ideals and principles now are completely the opposite. If he can, he hopes to have an autocratic power and regime. Once when Anwar was the Education Minister, he was invited to officially open a primary school in Masjid Tanah, Melaka. But sadly, Anwar said, “Why should I come?”.


Although Dr. Mahathir is still the Prime Minister, Anwar behaves as if he is already the Prime Minister. Dr. Mahathir’s statements regarding certain projects or issues were frequently contradicted or even denied by Anwar.


Anwar effectively controls the local media namely Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and TV3. Anwar’s speeches were often front paged by these newspapers while Dr. Mahathir’s, although makes more sense, were placed inside.


Through these media, Anwar victimizes other leaders by harping on their ugly sides and not giving them the opportunity to defend themselves.. For instance, Rahim Thamby Chik was clearly accused by these media for corruption and having sex with a minor although he was never convicted in the courts.


If one were to observe closely Anwar’s forehead, one would see that he has a flat forehead. According to “Fung Shui” predictions, those with this physical feature will never become a great leader or the number one man in a country.


The book entitled “Waves” written by Anwar portrays his life as constantly wavy and unstable.


Prior to Anwar becoming the Finance Minister, the Ringgit stood at RM2.20 to US$1. But now, the Ringgit plunged to RM3.90 to US$1. The price of daily essentials soared up to 60% higher as a result of the drastic fall in the value of the Ringgit. By Anwar being appointed as Chairman of the IMF Development Committee, it should influence the rise of the Ringgit not the continued plunge..


The continued economic slowdown is the result of the loss of up to RM12.8 billion by Bank Negara in currency trading. Bank Negara should not be involved in currency trading but should protect the country’s reserves. Bank Negara was regarded as the “Big Bully” in currency trading until it incurred huge losses. Currency traders in Europe and the United States disliked the role that Malaysia played. They decided to retaliate and targeted the Ringgit. As Finance Minister, Anwar told the people that the huge losses were only on paper. This is the capability of our Finance Minister who had no knowledge and is so inexperienced in economic matters but entrusted to safeguard the country’s wealth.


Anwar Ibrahim only holds a degree in Malay Studies from University Malaya. He failed the first year. As such, he has no idea at all about business and economy. He cannot be relied upon to administer the country’s finances.


From a poor family, Anwar’s father, Ibrahim is now a very wealthy man until he wishes to marry a third wife. If Ibrahim cannot get the blessing of the other two wives for this third marriage, he can elope to Thailand – Anwar style. Anwar’s brother, Rani used to be declared a bankrupt. But now he is also a very wealthy man. Wan Ismail, Anwar’s father-in-law, who took out his gun and chased Anwar away for eloping with his daughter, Azizah to Thailand, now loves Anwar very much. Wan Ismail was given 30 million shares in a public listed company worth RM90 million by Anwar.


Imagine if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister. Not only Malaysia becomes poorer and his families become filthy rich but also all youths in the country will fall prey to his lust. The Youth and Sports Ministry will be forced to line up youths, especially gays each week to fulfill Anwar’s lust. All Ministers will be fired except those who are willing to let Anwar sodomise them. Syed Hussin Al-Attas (a writer who is not a professor) will never accept a job from Anwar since he is not a gay and not a person who likes to steal other people’s wives. It would be different if Anwar offers him lots of money. He will grab it for sure.



1. Perakians - February 15, 2009

Hey, if you guys are so sure of the rakyat’s support especially in Perak, why don’t you all just dissolve the state assembly and go back to the rakyat for a new mandate! By doing so you can be sure to silence Anwar Ibrahim once and for all that they still have the support! otherwise hiding behind the SUltan of Perak will not do you all any good!

2. Watcher - February 15, 2009

Yup, even though I am not a perakian, I am sure that Najib is an honest gentleman. Thus he has no reason to lie when he say that the rakyat of Perak is with Barisan Nasional. Further more the Learned Sultan of Perak, His Highness Sultan Azlan Shah, a learned person is also so sure that the Barisan Nasional Government has the mandate of the Perak Rakyat to rule the state, so why don’t they just go back to the rakyat for a new mandate. I am sure the Pakatan Rakyat will be chased out with their tails between their legs! Unless both of them are lying! which is difficult to believe!

3. Rakyat - February 15, 2009

I am sure the rakyat knows who is right or wrong! So let’s wait for the next general election and see who got chased out!

4. undixcaya - February 16, 2009

Item 38.. One time there was LADANG DATO’ IBRAHIM in Sandakan when DSAI was DPM and MOF..

x caya tanya org Sandakan lah

5. First Born - February 16, 2009

Yo perakians and watcher – haha nice try, revere psychology and all.

We respect the god-given cause of your double misfortune in perak. We ‘respect’ you when you stand on fours like now hoping for handouts from us.

We greatly ‘respect’ you when you chose some renegade, rouge, politically bankrupt self-seeking and self-serving carrion vultures and hyenas, foaming loud-mouths rabid mad dogs, and a half-life collection of misfits the likes of anuar kit siang or karpal singh.

The rakyat will never trust them even with the pile of dung manure in their small patch of bunga kembong garden.

6. bangsa malaysia - February 16, 2009

its an open secret to everyone that anwar ibrahim is a puppet of the US. except that his diehard supporters refuse to believe this. anwars gets funds from US to pursue his political carreer and destroy the country. he is playing god when he was deputy prime minister when the fact that he is the greatest SATAN.

7. wak kelate - February 16, 2009

anwar tu kan dikenali sebagai AL JUBURI. meaning die main belakang lah…takkan tu pun mu dok tau..mu pi tanye mat sabu yang gelar anwar AL JUBURi. LA NI, KENAPE pas DOK SOKONG ANWAR AL JUBURI. Pelik kan tapi benar.

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