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50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister (Part 2 – 15) February 15, 2009

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Tun Perak created conflicts among the people, other ministers and the Sultan so that they disliked Bendahara Seri Nara DiRaja. At last, after all the conniving, he succeeded in overthrowing the Prime Minister and became the Prime Minister himself.
The struggle to make Vision 2020 a success is a struggle that require a very important change in the country’s political leadership. Otherwise, all efforts towards this struggle will be doomed to fail.
The majority of the population realizes that in order to achieve Vision 2020, it requires change in perception, attitude, values, decision and action in every aspect of social, economy and politics. This change will make the population more positive in their perception, possess good moral values, more caring, make good decisions and judgments and more dynamic in their actions.
These changes give a psychological impact towards the success of Vision 2020. Now, the majority of the population, the leaders and UMNO members subscribe to these changes as a prerequisite to the success of Vision 2020.
Due to this, UMNO members make spontaneous demands for Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who coined the Vision 2020 idea and concept, to have a successor who is dynamic, progressive and can uphold the vision of the people, religion and the country.
Anwar, when offering himself for the Deputy President’s post five years ago said, “I shall abide by the party’s vision to upgrade the well-being of the people through the Vision 2020 concept in concurrence with the changes within UMNO”.
Anwar not only disappoints the people by engaging in immoral activities but also distanced himself from the Vision 2020 concept. He seldom speaks about Vision 2020 since he became Deputy Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim possesses vengeance against not only his enemies but also his friends. He holds never-ending vengeance against Sanusi Junid (Chief Minister of Kedah), Rahim Thamby Chik (former Chief Minister of Melaka), Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Foreign Minister) and many others making him unpopular as a leader.


His ‘go against the leader’ attitude is his norm eversince he became active in UMNO in 1982. In the same year, he challenged Suhaimi Kamaruddin for the post of UMNO Youth Chief.


This is Anwar’s strategy to grab power within UMNO and the government. He conspired and created chaos in UMNO Kedah in order to prevent Dr. Mahathir from appointing Sanusi Junid as the Chief Minister of Kedah. He also forced Rahim Thamby Chik to resign from his Chief Minister of Melaka position.


Anwar bravely swore that he would not challenge Ghaffar Baba for the post of UMNO Deputy President. It was proven to be a lie.


Anwar vowed to destroy Dr. Mahathir in front of the late Haji Sulaiman Palestine because he was detained under the ISA when Dr. Mahathir was Education Minister.


Lying is part of Anwar’s leadership qualities. He said he was anti money politics when in fact he was the leader of money politics during the UMNO Deputy President elections in 1993.


Corruption is at its highest during Anwar’s tenure as the Finance Minister. So much so that people call Anwar the ‘Father of Corruption’.


Anwar comes from a broken home. His father, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, took his maid as his second wife. Anwar’s mother, Hajah Che Yan, was so emotionally distressed from this until she is paralyzed. Anwar’s brother, Mokhtar, was a drug addict. Anwar’s family, which was poor then, is now very rich and living in extravagance during Anwar’s tenure as Finance Minister.


Anwar eloped to Thailand with Azizah since he could not get the blessing of Azizah’s father, Wan Ismail, to get married. Wan Ismail hated Anwar so much that he took his gun to chase Anwar out of his house. In the end, Azizah’s mother took the initiative to legally marry them again at their home in Bukit Mertajam.

This attitude proves that Anwar will disregard the law, family, culture and Islam as long as he can get what he wants.


Everybody was talking about Anwar performing sodomy on his driver, Azizan, when the secret was out. However, Anwar’s hobby on sodomy is not new. It began when he was still in secondary school at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) and in college at University Malaya (UM). A lot of people would want to come forward to tell all. Just wait and see.


The sister of Mohamad Azmin Ali (Anwar’s private secretary), Ummi Hafilda Ali, told the story about Anwar’s sex scandal with Shamsidar Taharin (Mohamad Azmin Ali’s wife).


An illegitimate child was born by the name of Afifa as a result of the sex scandal between Anwar and Shamsidar.


Anwar not only have been cheating on his wife but is also a homosexual.


The name Anwar Ibrahim itself portrays fighting and warring (AN-WAR). As such, he is fond of creating chaos, crises, conflicts and wars.


During his leadership of the ABIM movement, he used Islamic principles as his strong fundamentals to achieve his political ambitions.

However, after he joined UMNO, all those principles and Islamic struggles were actually pretences and fake. Anwar became an infidel when he gave Friday sermons and led prayers when he himself was full of sins. On many occasions, he did not only utter the Quranic verses wrongly but were also seen wearing silk clothing, which is prohibited in Islam, when leading prayers.



1. First Born - February 15, 2009

We should chose the best from among us to lead us … surely 1 – 15 never constitute positive characteristics of an aspirant to leadership positions.

You sir did right in sharing these knowledge so far screened away from us. The PR pretenders (a collections of political misfits and rogue cast-aways) should never be permitted to make any try to wrest the reign of governance of our beloved country.

Hope they are successfully kept away from Perak — later out of Penang and Selangor. We must take back the two Bukits first.

2. Neutral Malaysian - February 15, 2009

I don’t understand the PR’s malay’s mentality, since so much has been said about DSAI, yet they keep supporting him. Maybe someone can shed some light to why are they behaving like this! I am only worried that it this rubbish continues it would burst our bubble of having a peaceful and prosperous Malaysia! I hope the government will do something drastic!

3. Jamil - February 15, 2009

haha you envy him soo much you actually took time to study him, and came to a conclusion that DSAI is the best so only by writing otherwise you can be famous. HAHA pity you !

4. Ahmad Ishak - February 15, 2009

Bro, otak kau masuk air ke ?, kejap kau kata dia gay kejap dia buat anak dengan perempuan lain pulak? kau dari sekolah apa? kau sakit hati eh sebab harga minyak medadak? relax tunggu DSAI jadi pm

5. Malaysianstory - February 16, 2009

Bro awak ni memang katak dibawah tempurung! Pegi net cari pasal Bi Sexual, itu lah orang nya!

6. wak kelate - February 16, 2009

memang sah anwar penyak and penyamum..dah penyangak, tibai bontot lak..yang sokong die tu, agaknye runggu masa bagi bonto kat anwar…hahaha..nanti anak teruna die orang pun pecah teruna…padang muko….sokong la si pengkhianat bangsa dan negara…

7. samurai - February 16, 2009

asal la ko ni bodoh sgt ahmad ishak..die sume boleh la bro. bini orang die sapu, bontot orang die lanyak..kan die pak sheikh sume boleh..ko ni masih tak tau lagi ke pasal anwar..bro, celekan mate and minda k…

8. Iskandar Vincent - February 19, 2009

dear sir, with due respect for the religion (Islam) i for one is a converted and i not only feel ashame but also confused with your reasons. whether it is true or not, as a muslim, i am taught not to shame another muslim as you have done. whatever DSAI wrong doings, if any, it is not for us to judge nor punish him, your reasons appear to be more personal. sir, i am sorry to say that you are then no better than DSAI in terms of ” being a good muslim” you tend to focus so much on just one individual, can you safely say that the rest of the ministers any better than DSAI. You have mention Rahim Thamby Chik, well as i remembered he too had a case with a underage girl. sir again, i humbly wish to advise you, to please practice what you preach. thank you.

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