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Divide, Rule And Power Brokering. Anwar’s Succes In Ailing Pakatan-Rakyat February 13, 2009

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“We want to make it clear to Barisan Nasional that it is illegal and unconstitutional for it to grab power in Perak. It is completely unacceptable to the people of Perak and Malaysians.”

This is what DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said during his joint press conference with DAP chairman Karpal Singh who is now embroiled in a controversy to sue the Sultan of Perak after Barisan’s took over the Perak state government.

By the way, who is Lim to talk on behalf of Malaysians?

It is unfortunate that Lim Kit Siang has joined the group of SENILE DAP leaders led by Karpal for failing to remember that party hopping was encouraged and promoted by his ‘pin-up’ idol Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim said it is forbidden and illegal for Barisan to grab power in Perak through party hopping but is it constitutional and acceptable for Anwar to topple the Barisan Nasional federal government through the same method?

At least, I have some respect for “Kapal Sink” for his obstinate stand on party hopping but Lim is clearly a great hypocrite, selfish, self-centered and careless of the feelings of others.

I am puzzle why Lim did not say a word on Anwar’s failed coup attempt to take over the federal government through party hopping. Had Anwar been successful in that attempt, I believe Lim will endorse and say it is legal, acceptable and constitutional.

It is clear that there is divergence and disagreement within the DAP’s rank and file.

Lim is trying to salvage titanic ‘Kapal” that is Sinking. The “Kapal” said he has enough of Anwar’s antics and bluff while Lim on the other hand still wants Anwar to lead the ailing coalition of Pakatan-Rakyat.

There are too many captains now in the Pakatan-Rakyat “kapal’ (ship) and someone has to make a quick decision of where the ‘kapal’ should head before it sinks deep into the abyss.

Karpal has opted out of Pakatan legal team initiating lawsuit in Perak.

He said: “I do not want to be in their team because my view is different from the team,”

Karpal also said that demonstration should not be part of Malaysian culture, referring to the Umno youth demonstration in front of his office in Jalan Pudu..

That is also a slap in Anwar’s face. Anwar is not only the King of Frog (where party hopping is concerned). He is also the King of Demonstration. Street demonstration has become part of Anwar’s life and deep-rooted in him. It is his way of showing protest and to get things done through violence and uncivilized manner.

Even Kit Siang’s son, Guan Eng also encourages street demonstration and deems it as a healthy process of democracy.

Karpal is far-sighted in his judgment against Anwar while the father-and son team is still blinded by Anwar.

At least Karpal has expressed his discontentment on Anwar during his recent no-holds barred press conference where he chided and labeled Anwar as an opportunist and someone who cannot be trusted.

To the two Lims, my advise is for them to wake up and face reality that Anwar will take Pakatan-Rakyat to nowhere. He is manipulating and using the coalition for his self-interest and quest to become PM.

Anwar has been very quiet over the collapse of PR Perak government. He is eluding the spotlight on the issue. Why?

Divide and rule and power brokering is his political game and forte and this is exactly what is happening in Pakatan-Rakyat now.



1. mat kilau - February 13, 2009

anwar was trained by the cia. i think his aim is to create havoc and put the country into anarchy. then he will take the opportunuy to divide and rule. this is anwar political game. it is just that many of us are blinded and fooled by anwar

2. Taming sari - February 13, 2009

Please be reminded that what DSAI promote was clearly unwarranted, dangerous and irresponsibible. Don’t be blurred by his personal and political agenda because at the end of the day, instead of resolving the matter, people will saddled with more problems and do you think he will come forward and help? Unless you “have a preference and habit to do things against the order of nature and the law!”

3. CK Lim - February 13, 2009

at last, he is showing his true colors. i wonder if anwar has ever felt apologetic over what what he has done to people and country

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