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Keep Anwar Away From The By-Elections February 12, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm In Pakatan, Storm in Perak.
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“Please keep Anwar Ibrahim off both impending by-elections – Bukit Gantang in Perak and Bukit Selambau in Kedah”. This is the best strategy for PR if it harbours hope of winning both seats.

This strategy is needed mainly due to Anwar’s over zealousness in hijacking the political limelight for his own self interests.

Anwar’s selfishness is widely known. The latest portrayal was apparent in Perak when he interfered in an BN-PR impasse which could have been easily been amicably solved by PAS and DAP via the Perak Sultan.

The problem in Perak was a state issue and should have been dealt by state Opposition leaders. Many are confident that Sultan Azlan Shah would have otherwise consented to dissolving the assembly and pave the way for fresh elections.

But Anwar would never allow that to happen. How can Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin be allowed to be a hero to the opposition? This is a spot reserved only for Anwar.

Anwar has to be seen to be involved and instrumental in taking control of a troubled opposition (there was initially no trouble) in Perak. He has to be the hero of the opposition. He has to be the next Prime Minister.

But what has he done instead? His impulsion in calling for the state assembly to be dissolved and his threat to launch street demonstrations without prior seeking an audience with the Sultan had led to dire implications.

Sultan Azlan, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary on the Perak throne, was shocked and angered at Anwar’s antics and threats. His subjects will soon be at loggerhead, leading to anarchy in the state.

To preserve harmony and stability, and prevent chaos (as hinted by Anwar in all his fiery speeches) in his state, the Sultan was certainly left with no choice but to allow BN to take over Perak.

This should serve a fitting lesson to PR in facing the coming by-elections. Victory for the opposition is not about Anwar and what he says. It is about the sincerity of local leaders to solve issues and working hard to serve the rakyat.



1. Aduna - February 12, 2009

you’re not very bright are you?

2. aduka - February 12, 2009

those who do not know anwar should spend a night with him

3. ezam noor - February 12, 2009

keeping anwar off from the by-elections will not make any difference. anwar is smart and can operate from anywhere. he was behind the bars for six years, remember? but still he could orchestrate his comeback to politics. not a wise move i think

4. Perakians - February 12, 2009

Look at what happen when Tun M arrested him, he thought that he could organize the riots from behind bars but it didn’t materialise after a short while when his money runs dry!

5. Elly Nor - February 12, 2009

Personally I believe Nizar is a gentleman and he was being used and manipulated by DSAI. I really sympathize with Nizar whose Leadership was ended not because he is not capable but due to DSAI’s manipulative nature!

6. sang kelembai - February 12, 2009

everyone no good. anwar is the baddest of all. tun m is our hero. pak lah is HANCUSSSSSSS..

7. Nemo - February 12, 2009

It’s time again to assess what Pakatan Rakyat doing and is no easy task to BN. So, yes rakyat can change who they want but realise that change can sometimes be overrated.

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