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Karpal Suffering From Political Fatigue Or Maybe Senile February 11, 2009

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AT least 60 police reports have been lodged against DAP national chairman and seasoned lawyer Karpal Singh for his obdurate stand to file a suit against the Sultan of Perak.

Half of the reports were reportedly lodged in Perak.

Karpal in his immediate response to the many police reports said these people are ignorant of the law and completely misguided.

For someone who is learned and has been practising law for more than 30 years, I guess Karpal is more politically and emotionally inclined in his approach rather than putting law above-board and in his thought.

There were also calls for the government to detain Karpal under the ISA, banished him from Perak and revoked his Malaysian citizenship for disrespecting the Sultan.

However, our ‘Mr Nice Guy’, the outgoing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told a Press conference in Putrajaya that the government had no plan to use the ISA against Karpal, thus, playing down such calls.

Well, that’s Pak Lah. That is his verdict and as usual, it does not reflect the sentiment of the rakyat. I guess he is playing ‘dumb and deaf’ and continue to be ‘Mr Nice Guy’ which is not so nice to most Malays.

I think we should forget about Pak Lah as there is nothing much he could do within his less than two months in his office.

The sooner he gets out the better. Excuse me for my hard hitting words against him but that is the truth.

As a leader, the voice of the majority should be taken into consideration rather than one man’s word and action.

Hopefully, he will honour his words to step down by March.

Back to Mr Not So Nice Guy Karpal, I think he has been talking too much about other people. In fact, PKR Penang chairman Datuk Zahrain Hashim lambasted Karpal by saying that the “Bengali” is no longer relevant to Malaysia’s politics. For once, I agree with you Zahrain, albeit, you are not clean too..

Karpal is the Bukit Gelugor MP. He was seen many times visiting and shaking hands with constituents pleading for votes before last year’s March 8 general election. He won the seat.

But as far as I can remember, that was his last visit to meet Bukit Gelugor voters.

Karpal said he was talking the truth and within the context of the federal constitution when he intends to take the Perak Sultan to court.

But he fails to see the truth that it is the Sultan’s prerogative to ‘sack’ PKR former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaludin from the post under the state laws.

Like I said, his action is more politically inclined as the core issue that he is unhappy and sore about is the collapse of Pakatan-Rakyat government in Perak.

He accused party hopping (which is allowed in politics) as the reason for the collapse of PR government and is merely using the Sultan as a scapegoat to make his action lawful.

He also accused his comrades in DAP for flip-flopping in their stance over party hopping and claimed that he has the 100% support from DAP leaders and members.

If you claimed to have 100% support from your leaders and members, why are you accusing Lim Kit Siang, his son Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders of flip-flopping and making contradictory stand on the issue.

“Their flip-flop (on party hopping) is most unfortunate,” Karpal was quoted as saying.

Well, I don’t blame Karpal for his outburst.

At 69 years, maybe he is suffering from political fatigue or SENILE in short.



1. Dr M - February 11, 2009

i agree that he is getting old and senile. he did not even know what he is talking about. the kapal can sink together with other pr leaders. what more can i say. pakatan rakyat is not a pakatan anymore. it is a peralatan used by anwar for his personal interest..hehe

2. karam singh halia - February 11, 2009

karpal should stop his nonsense. but at least he has berjasa to dap..only that he has yet to wear turban like me. that is his only sin as a singh.

3. melayu jati - February 11, 2009

kenapa kita melayu hanya berarak memprotes terhadap karpal singh. bakar pejabat nya dan cari pembunuh upahan untuk hapuskan singh keparat tu..umat melayu harus bangun menentang bengali yang tak tau dari mana asal usulnya

4. Karpal Singh Sr - February 11, 2009

let karpal speaks his mind. he knows what he is talking about. he has been practising law and a politician for more than three decades. we talk about democracy and the freedom of speech. so let him express himself in whatever manners he deem lawful and suitable.

5. magistrate singh - February 11, 2009

i found that karpal singh is not guilty for uttering the words against the sultan of perak. he said it within the jurisdiction of the federal constitution. i now dismiss the case and order the pliantiff to pay costs.

6. rizal - February 11, 2009

the malays should wake up from their slumber. they have been involved in backbiting among themselves. why cant we have one malay party that represents all the malays and become a force to be reckoned with. only then the others will look upon us and respect us more.

7. keleidescope - February 12, 2009

pakatan rakyat is a coalition that is good for nothing. their leaders are only capable of talking and slandering. they dont work for the people. what have they done for the rakyat. please name me one fine example where the rakyat are benefiting under their rule

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[…] Karpal Suffering From Political Fatigue Or Maybe Senile … […]

9. badboy - February 12, 2009

enuf of politicking.lets concentrate on real issue. life and escalating cost of living. tn reduce traiff bteween 2.5% and 5%.what a shameful isntitution tnb is..they think we are monkeys by giving only peanuts? go to hell with karpal singh

10. Mydin Tanjung - February 12, 2009

mamu nak habaq mai la kat hangpa sume. karpal ni mamu bukan tak kenai die. pembohong sakan. cakap juah selalu. piiiraaahhh!!!

11. Mydin Tanjung - February 12, 2009

fatigue tu apa ya..piknik ka???

12. dr zhivago - February 12, 2009

i think karpal needs psychiatric treatment. his mind is not stable lah.
he needs a jab in his butt.

13. din chagkat jering - February 12, 2009

we must forget about pakatan rakyat. they all not good to rule perak. we let dr zamry to lead us and support him very much..hidup dr zamry

14. kodok sakti - February 12, 2009

it is time for najib to show his political prowess. bukit gantang and bukit selambau will the barometers to gauge his support and political skills. those two seats which will see by elections are crucial for his political future and bn chances in the next general election. lets see how najib performs

15. guns of navarone - February 12, 2009

why no one is talking about KJ. I am surprise and puzzle.

16. PERAHU singh - February 13, 2009

we, the singh community, is against KAPAL singh. he brought shame to our community. we have good relationship with all the sultans and the malay rulers.

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