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A Wake Up Call for Malaysians February 8, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm in Perak.
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I have said it before and I am going to say it again. The loose, flimsy and fragile coalition of Pakatan-Rakyat will crumble and disintegrate in a matter of time.

There are significant signs of discontentment, divergence and unhappiness among members in the coalition as well as ADUNs and MPs representing the respective parties in the alliance.

It is widely speculated, some speculations turn out to be true as in the case of the three Perak ADUNs who declared support for BN, that more elected representatives are preparing to join BN.

I was informed that seven PKR and DAP, including the three, are leaving Pakatan-Rakyat and support BN. So, let us wait and see it this (speculation) will happen.

The collapse of the PR state government is a lucid example of how easy the Marriage of Convenience between PKR, DAP and PAS solemnized by DSAI can be broken.

The parties that got married have vast difference in their ideologies and policies. Similarly, a couple will not be able to peacefully and harmoniously if they wrangle all the time over little things.

The problem with leaders in PR is that they promised the rakyat of reforms and changes during the 12th general election but they themselves are no better than the leaders in BN whom they accused of corruption and cronyism.

They are involved in too much politicking, power struggle among them, backbiting and overlooked the welfare of the rakyat in that process.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is no better than his nemesis Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

Guan Eng’s deputy Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin is a total failure and an embarrassment as far as the Malays in Penang are concerned.

Guan Eng’s other deputy Dr P. Ramasamy is a hardcore racist and a Hindraf sympathizer.

So what can you expect from these blokes? Nothing.

Guan Eng is putting enormous pressure on Malay directors in state agencies and companies for them to resign voluntarily so that he can appoint his Chinese cronies to the posts.

Go and ask MPSP president Farizan Darus on how he is being pushed and pressured by Guan Eng.

The Malays should realize that they are nowhere as long as they are under the rule of DAP and Pakatan-Rakyat.

I hope they will not be marginalized and become the Red Indians in US and the Malays in Singapore where they are being suppressed and subjugated in their own land.



1. Insan biasa - February 8, 2009

Marriage of Convenience between PKR, DAP and PAS solemnized by DSAI can be broken. Sure coz he as “Wali for the marriage memang tak boleh sah punya”. because his sodomy case for second time make us think again and again..that is why the marriage is so fragile and can be fasakh at anytime!

2. Malaysian - February 8, 2009

Come on don’t be so harsh with DSAI, have a heart! How would he to know that his scheme would back fire! How can he notice that he is not the smartest kid in the block and that god does not favor him … anyway he is too busy observing the young asses around him to notice anything! So DSAI just let thse who knows how to administer the nation do their job!

3. hang jebat - February 9, 2009

lets not be folled again by dsai. he is good for nothing. we have seen how he manipulate the people in his bid to become pm and how he has not done anything but politicking all the time.. pegi mampus same anwar ibrahim..umat yang dilaknat allah

4. Mydin Tanjung - February 9, 2009

You’re right Mr Writer. I heard that two MPSP Malay directors are being investigated by the state government for alleged corrupt practices. They want the two directors through pressure to resign voluntarily and replace them with their chinese friends. farizan can tell u the truth and story.

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