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Anwar the Source of Perak’s Mess! February 6, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm in Perak.
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The PR leadership should advise Anwar Ibrahim to stop talking and start working for the rakyat. If he does that, PR will be seen an examplary in the next general elections. Just tell him to “SHUT UP”.  Anwar’s verbal diarrhoea, rheotorics, antics and quest to be PM at all cost is fast tarnishing the image of PR.

Was there a need for Anwar to entice Bota state assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim to quit Umno and join PKR on January 25, 2009? Was there a need for Anwar to brag about wanting to take over the Government by a certain date? Or boast about wanting to take over Sabah and Sarawak state governments in the quickest possible time?

Anwar has forgotten the promises he had pledged to deliver in every election – to serve the rakyat diligently and prove that PR too can lead the country. Because of his pledges, in the March 2008 general elections, the rakyat gave their mandate for Anwar and PR to reign over certain states.

But Anwar chose to forget the rakyat and the importance of working for the rakyat. He cannot wait to be the Prime Minister, he wants it now!

His greed led to Umno waking up from its slumber to do everything in its power to fight back, hence the situation in Perak now where BN is able to form the state government.

Now that BN is about to rule, Anwar talks about mounting mammoth street demonstrations to get his way. We know there is no benefit in this as the rakyat and country will suffer. In this year of recession, this is the last thing the people would expect from Anwar.

Anwar claims to be a champion of the rakyat but again he is – through his own words and actions – reminding us that he is certainly not what he preaches.



1. Perakian - February 6, 2009

Yes you are absolutely right. He should keep his mouth shut and stop bragging about how he wants to topple the government of the day. Basically we Perakians still support PR but have to admit that they are too naive to out maneuver those seasoned BN politicians! Both sides should have cooperate in eradicating party hopping by not accepting them into their fold. By doing so we can eradicate corruption. I am sure the hoppers political career is over. Maybe they are rich now but I am sure they have no soul after selling them to the devil and betraying their rakyat. If they are so confident that their rakyat want them to hop, why don’t they vacate their seat now and allow their rakyat to decide! Actually everyone knows that they betrayed us Perakians and they know that too. I wonder how are they going to live with these lies and what will their children learn from them! Such bad role model!

2. Jelapang Rakyat - February 6, 2009

We hope someone would file a CBT report to ACA on the party hoppers because they betrayed the rakyat of their constituencies because they abandon their election pledges!

3. anti-katak - February 6, 2009

“Anything can happen”. Defections occur within these few days had mounting political uncertainty in Perak. BN have to be careful because there might be some court decisions that would clog up BN’s plan. For sure DSAI not just going to sit down and do nothing,

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