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It’s All Over for PR in Perak February 5, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Storm in Perak.
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Soon, many more state assemblymen from Pakatan-Rakyat are expected to leave the flimsy and ailing coalition by either declaring themselves as independent candidates “friendly” to Perak BN or crossover to BN. It is just a matter of time.

As predicted, it is the end of the road for PR rule in Perak. I hope they will admit defeat as they no longer enjoy majority in the state assembly to rule the state.

After less than a year at the helm of the Perak state government, the outgoing MB Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin must have suffered a terrible nightmare when he is forced to vacate the MB’s seat by his own exco men.

In his haste to save the PR state government from collapsing, Nizar did something foolish by announcing the dissolution of the Perak state assembly without getting the consent of the Perak Sultan, a disrespectful act.

It shows how desperate and idiotic Nizar is. Nizar, who is seen by many as a puppet MB, should comprehend that the reason why he failed to get the Sultan’s consent to dissolve the state assembly is simply because Sultan Azlam Shah is appalled with the way Perak is being administered by PR.

There is too much politicking. Adding salt to the Sultan’s injuries is the overzealous power show-off by the two cousins, Ngeh and Nga, who are Perak state exco members.

These two cousins on many things and occasions are sidelining the Malays in Perak.

The defiant Nizar says he is still in command. Constitutionally, his announcement that he is still Perak MB carries no weight.

Under the Federal Constitution, the power to dissolve a state assembly lies only with the sultan or the head of state, and not the Mentri Besar. This again proves how ignorant and stupid Nizar is. Its a surprise that he does tot even read the state laws or have any knowledge on the Federal Constitution on the governing of a state.

As usual, PR supreme leaders including DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and the party’s adviser Karpal Singh were quick to accused BN of pinching PR state assemblymen and labeled BN leaders of being unethical.

They should look themselves at the mirror before criticizing others. They started the ‘party hopping’ game by luring Umno Bota state assemblyman into PR.

It all began with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s strategy and psyche-war against BN after last year’s general election when he announced that 30 BN MPs would crossover to PR to realise his dreams to become PM.

Well Datuk Seri, you can take the horse to the water but you cannot force the pony to drink the water. You lost in the game that you created.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Guan Eng should accept defeat in Perak and follow the gentlemanly act showed by the real Prime Minister in-waiting Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when he accepted BN’s defeats in the Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu by-elections.

For Nizar, the game is over and it is the Sultan’s turn now. NOT YOU.



1. Malaysian - February 5, 2009

As a Malaysian, I felt very very shameful that the Perak State Government has to be brough down this way. The Monach, whom is suppose to be supporting of the day have to decide who should be the next menteri besar! Now let’s ponder, how did we arrive to this shameful point! Is it PKR or Barisan Nasional! Think for yourself, when you say party hopping is wrong, then you should not accept those who hop in the first place! If you say its constitutional then you should accept the result gracefully!If you ask me, I think all those who hop are UNTRUSTWORTHY and as a malaysian I felt very shameful because of them! I would ask the BN not to be too complacent because who knows, this party hoppers might jump back!

2. anwar berahim junior - February 6, 2009

its okay if there are frogs leaping into PR’s dragnet but its undemocratic if PKR frogs leap into BN territory. come on anwar, guan eng et.etc..who are you trying to fool? you are just making mockery and fool of yourself..please stop your political circus..

3. Shanti - February 6, 2009

I am totally baffled by all that is happening. One thing please be reminded you people – whatever you do in the name of power, whether you are BN or PKR or whatever, you will bring your sins to the grave!!!! Be mindful of your actions!!!

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