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Guan Eng Accused Of Backstabbing PKR Penang February 2, 2009

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat Penang chairman Datuk Zahrain Hashim is an unhappy person. He is not happy with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Zahrain has accused Lim of backstabbing PKR by not consulting him and the party over the appointment of executives at state agencies. Zahrain also blamed Lim for being chauvinistic by appointing only the Chinese to head several state agencies such as Penang Development Corporation and Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd, a state government company set up to promote Penang as a tourism getaway after Lim’s fallout with the Tourism Ministry. Zahrain should not blame Lim over the matter as he should be aware of Lim’s insincerity in helping the Malays through the concept of Pakatan-Rakyat ostensible power sharing. Lim has refused to respond to Zahrain’s accusations on the issue. It is typical of Lim as he will only say something that will only benefit him and his party. Zaharin and the Malays in Penang should well be prepared that Penang will be turned into another Singapore should Lim rules the state for the foreseeable future. Zahrain should also be shameful to the Penang Malays as their hopeful, Mohamed Fairus Khairuddin, the embattled Deputy Chief Minister, serves as a puppet to Lim’s regime. Zahrain dropped Fairus as the PKR state deputy liaison committee chairman in a ‘Cabinet Reshuffle’ announced recently. Dr Mansor Osman, a former USM lecturer, one of Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim’s loyalists, replaced him. The defiant Fairus claimed that the reshuffle was made to strengthen PKR’s position in Penang, a ludicrous reason seen by many in PKR. Surprisingly, many PKR supporters considered Fairus’ replacement as a victory to them. Well, Zahrain too was not a clean leader when he was in Umno. His Tanjung division was under probe when he was chairman for his alleged involvement in creating phantom members in the division. He was also under investigations by the Anti-Corruption Agency for allegedly involved in a scandal over the purchase of Gantry Cranes when he was chairman of the Penang Port Sendirian Berhad. His buddy, Ibrahim Daging as he is prominently known in Penang, can spill the bins for you.



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