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UMNO is Sick and It Needs a Specialist Doctor to Cure the Party January 31, 2009

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Can someone go and tell Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, our Prime Minister in-waiting, to remove and get rid of all liabilities in Umno so that his task to restore and bring back the wow factor in the party will be much easier and uncomplicated.

We have a horde of Umno old guards who are deemed liabilities to the party and these Umno inhabitants are good for nothing but a ‘has been’ and a stumbling block for the party to move forward and be reorganized..

Let me named some of them. Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali (former Perak Mentri Besar), Datuk Seri Abdul Rashid Abdullah (former Penang Deputy Chief Minister), Datuk Seri Mahzir Khalid (former Kedah Mentri Besar), Tan Sri Muhamad Muhamad Taib (Rural and Regional Development Minister) and the list goes on.

They are still holding tightly to power and calling the shots in states where they are still the party’s liaison committee chairmen.

What amuses me most is that these jokers are still ‘hale and hearty’ telling others to do this and that despite calls and demands by the party leadership, and more importantly the people, for the party to reform after the March 8 political tsunami.

They have failed the party and the Malays in the last general election and it is laughable that the same blokes are still allowed to call the shots.

Are they not ashamed of themselves?

And can someone tell Najib to wheedle our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir to rejoin the party for the sake and future of the Malays.

Much had been said about the lacking of the ‘wow’ factor in Umno and I believe, and many others would agree with me, that Tun will be the ‘wow’ factor that would draw the Malays back into Umno.

Umno is sick and it needs a specialist doctor to cure the ailing party.



1. Orang Kita - January 31, 2009

Based on reality and rational of the political mayhem in the UMNO, its’ proved that the party do need ‘WOW” factor. The UMNO’s survival depends on how the party projects itself to the public over the next few years. The next UMNO leaders have to command confidence not only from within the party but also from outside. So that the “…old guards who are deemed liabilities to the party and these … inhabitants are good for nothing but a ‘has been’ and a stumbling block for the party to move forward and be reorganized.” People will judge UMNO by its leaders. UMNO’s future is tied to that of the BN and if it wants to survive, it has also win the approval of the non-Malays. The next leaders will have to be able to tread that fine line between a leader in a Malay nasionalist party and a Malaysian leader. And that is why the UMNO must have over-haul to the hilt.

2. Malaysian - February 1, 2009

Its easy for anyone to say “lets clean up and get back the public support” but like always is anyone willing to sacrifice like Pak Lah or Tun M and give up power to become an ordinary citizen? Those who have tasted power for so long … are they willing to give up? Instead of having out riders clearing the way for them and join the huge traffic jams that we are all enduring now? If we can find those people up there then we are safe!

3. ridzuan saleh - February 9, 2009

i agree YUMNO is sick but please dont bring that old doctor for this. He was the one that paved the way for HRH to be sued by Relic Karpal. UMNO also need WOW factor but not only to clear the old guards but also to clear WHO factor about altantuya.

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