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PR Deviates from Its Own Course January 26, 2009

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The Mentri Besar, his exco men and state assemblymen under Pakatan Rakyat have yet to declare their assets, a promise made by the Opposition during campaigning in the last general election. It has been 10 months of Pakatan-Rakyat rule in Perak and there is still no sign of them fulfilling their promises. It is appalling that the same leaders who are advocating good governance through their philosophy of transparency, a clean and trustworthy government, are hesitant and apprehensive when the boomerang hit them. You can’t blame them. They are also human beings like you and me. They have probably changed, not for good, but for their own self-interest and pockets. None of the Perak excos or even the Pakatan-Rakyat ADUNs objected to the state’s controversial plan to purchase the Toyota Camry 2.4l model for the exco’s as their official car. The issue is almost certain closed now. But let me remind you that RM1.67mil of the tax payers money, which is literally our hard-earn money, has been spent to drive these blokes around in lavish style. The same blokes who previously accused and slandered the BN government of wasting public funds. It is a different story in the DAP front. The party’s secretary general Lim Guan Eng should be ashame of himself for issuing a threat against his own friend, Ang Leng Kiat, a councillor of the Shah Alam City Council, for proposing to the state government to revoke the licences of gambling premises in that state. Lim said the party will take action against Ang for making the proposal which he said did not reflect the stand of the party on the issue. In short, what Lim is trying to say is that he actually promotes gambling. Everyone knows that gambling leads to moral decadence and family institutions to crumble. For someone who holds the post of a Chief Minister, I do not quite understand how Lim could threaten a person, what more when that person is his own friend, for trying to inculcate good moral values among the people and reduce vice activities. It shows that Lim does not only rule Penang, but all nook and corners which are represented by his disciples. Well, maybe Lim is also a gambling addict and plays mah-jong.



1. Grassroot - January 28, 2009

Forget the promises during campaign! Considered it outdated at these past time. PKR have got what they want whether it’s transparent, clean or trustworthy, doesn’t matter to them anymore. If it does they would not purchase that Toyota Camry 2.4l model for the exco’s. The issue now what will happen if the MPs and assemblymen kept switching parties/jumping-ship and it goes against the mandate given by the people. It is showed that their attention and interests are elsewhere. People mandate must be respected. The duty and roles of MPs and assemblymen call for full dedication, hard work, sincerity, accountability, integrity and honesty. Nothing less! If they keep jumping sides in the political arena, does it give them boost to continue striving and working for the people?

2. Troumselusall - February 9, 2009

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