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Guan Eng versus Gamuda January 7, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Malaysian By Election.

What’s up Guan Eng? What’s your problem with Gamuda? Are you not happy what Gamuda had done for the people in your state?

What more do you want from Gamuda? Everyone in Penang knows what you are up to.

The culture of blaming others when you could not deliver is thick in your blood. That bad culture is deep-rooted in you even before you were sworn-in as Penang chief Minister in March, last year.

You accused leaders of the previous state government of power abuse and implicated them in land scandals.

Eight months later, you again accused them siphoning money from the Seberang Prai Municipal Council’s coffers. However, no charges had been brought against the leaders implicated in your political stage show until today.

Now, you are trying to show off to the rakyat that you are the Robin Hood of the modern era and trying to champion their cause when everyone knows that you are sore over the delay in the construction of the Second Link project.

You are also unhappy because most of the sub-contract jobs for the RM12.485bil electrified double track project (EDTP) project was awarded to Bumiputra contractors and you could not have a hand in it.

You are making a mountain of a molehill over a minor technical problem in the project.

We understand that you need to drum up your image as a Robin Hood but not at the expense of the people for heaven sake.

Everyone, except Guan Eng, is aware that the EDTP had created many jobs for the people, not only in Penang but in Perak and Kedah as well where the states are led by his comrades in Pakatan-Rakyat.

Let me quote MMC-Gamuda JV Project director Datuk Azmi Mat Nor who told a press conference in April that over 3,000 people were currently working on the project.

He said the RM12.485bil electrified double track project from Ipoh to Padang Besar will create more than 100,000 jobs for the people in Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis.

The five-year project involves the construction of 329km double track railway lines. It is jointly developed by MMC-Gamuda.

“We will be employing some 5,000 professionals, especially engineers, 12,000 semi-professionals such as supervisors and technicians, 17,000 plant operators, 16,000 lorry drivers and 60,000 unskilled workers for the project,” Azmi said.

The 329km EDTP cuts across the four northern states and is expected to be ready in 2013. It will link up with the Rawang line.

So, what’s the fuss Guan Eng?



1. Penangnite - January 7, 2009

My dear patriot, I am sure you also have the information on who the sub-contracts goes to and what portion is been rebated back! As a politician his job is to highlight the discrepancies in all government dealings and explain to the rakyat like us (not you since you already have your own version of things) so that we can understand better and make better decisions in future. Nevertheless, I would agree with you that these mega projects have contributed much to feed our children (I’m sure you don’t need that!) but would have been better if there was not so much leakage (I’m sure you know what I mean).

2. Malaysian - January 7, 2009

Thank you so very much for acknowledging us as patriots, in short deep in your heart you know for a fact that we are all for Malaysia. All of us are very against corruption but for goodness sake please do something and don’t just talk about it! Its ok to highlight those mis-doings and please go to the police so that action can be taken against them … The key issues here is that we also hope that Guan Eng will take some positive steps to ensue that we Penangnites can earn a decent living, hopefully better that during Barisan Nasional era. Talking about their mis-doings would not put food on our table! So just stop those nonsense and get to work to come up with some concrete measure that will help us achieve the better life PKR promise!

3. no way out - January 8, 2009

it is typical of guan eng. he is behaving as if he is still in the opposition. every one else is not right except himself. he should stand infrom of a mirror and look at himself. what has he done to penangites..till now, nothing!!

4. ketuanan melayu - January 14, 2009

well, thats guan eng. whaty do you exoect? its embedded deep in hims. politics and culture of blaming others…lets kick him out in the next general election

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