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Fairus’ Declassified SMSes January 2, 2009

Posted by malaysianstory in Malaysian By Election.

Askum, I need your kindly assistance, I need to use some 20K for a specific purposes.Pls assist. I’m giving u my maybank acc:164016986970. Saya la ni berada di China. Saya amat berharap bantuan utk depositkan ke dlm acc tu hari ni atau esok. Tlg reply ye. Segala kerjasama & budi baik tuan didahului jutaan terima kasih.Saya menanti reply.

For your info, regarding the car, I have arranged for it already.It just that I need to have your help regarding my previous SMS to you.Pls reply.

You will be surprise where these SMSes originated. They were sent by DSAI’s so-called protégé, Mohamed Fairus Khairuddin, Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1, who has been entrusted to safeguard the interest and well-being of the 700,000-odd Malays in Penang.

The SMSes were sent by Fairus from China during a trade mission led by his boss Lim Guan Eng.

Why would someone like Fairus become so foodie for RM20,000? He needed the money to pay for deposit for his 525 BMW dream car priced at RM275,000. Well, you can’t blame a 32-year-old guy if he has a yen for that model.

What happened after that? Instead of getting his dream car, Farius was given a tongued-lashing from DSAI when the latter got wind of the SMSes.

This was Fairus’ SMS after he was admonished by DSAI.

Just to inform, regarding the assistant tu. Tak apa.Tak perlulah. Saya ikhtiar sendiri.Tq.Tentang kereta tu tak pa. Saya dah urus sendiri.Tk.

Surprisingly, that was not the only instance where Fairus had demanded money to fulfil his covetousness and lust. Azmi Nayan and Saw Peng Kong were among those who had fallen victims to Fairus. They will tell you how despicable Fairus is. He is willing to do anything to fill his materialistic appetite and hunger.



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