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Hudud and Qisas Laws December 27, 2008

Posted by malaysianstory in Malaysian By Election.

PAS said it again. They are bent to implement hudud and qisas laws when they take over the federal government. When? Only God knows,

They restated their obdurate stand over hudud and qisas when on Friday night, PAS so-called theologian and vice-president Datuk Husam Musa at a political debate at Balai Islam in Kota Baru reiterated the party’s hardline policy to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State.

Understandably, Husam’s statement was made in anticipation of the Kuala Terenggani by-election to justify the 80,229 voters that the party is a true Islamic party and will not reverse its stance on Islam. Husam is also the Kubang Kerian MP.

In the 12th general election, PAS were the benefactors of calculated, pragmatic politics on the part of a great many voters, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

These voters gave them the mandate, not because they found the party’s ideology and its shelved but unabandoned ‘Islamic State’ agenda appealing, but because they were determined to be rid of BN and its race-based, divide and rule politics, at a cost well calculated.

We all knew PAS would not form the federal government on its own. We knew that if we succeeded in removing the BN regime, we would not be entrenching Pas ‘Islamic State’.

So they dropped ‘Islamic State’ from their 2008 election manifesto. And they endorsed our People’s Declaration.And they are now part of Pakatan Rakyat.

It seems that PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has also not given up the hope to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State.

Hadi Awang also twists and turns the fact that there was no reason why they (the non-Muslim) could not accept the concept of an Islamic state, since non-Malays accepted capitalism, socialism and other Western ideologies, as reported in a recent News Straits Times report.

In response, DAP Selangor in a statement reminded Hadi to acknowledge that Malaysia is a plural society and that any call to turn the country into a state of any religion, be it Islamic State, Catholic State, Christian State, Buddhist State or Hindu State is unconstitutional, incompatible in Malaysia and violate the fundamental basis of nation-building process.

If PAS cannot expect those who aspire to retain the secular state established under the Federal Constitution, can we expect PAS to abandon its ‘Islamic State’ agenda just because they are now part of the Pakatan?

Why should PAS leaders not publicly clamour about their ‘Islamic State’ agenda?

Why don’t they come clean about what their ‘Islamic State’ agenda is all about. And answer all our queries and doubts about their ‘Islamic State’ once and for all. They should be remindful that ultimately the rakyat are mandated to decide what this should be and not just by a handful of self-proclaimed theologians.



1. Ah Pek - December 27, 2008

I personally think that the PAS leadership is a real pain in the (you know what). They know for sure that they cannot make Malaysia an Islamic state yet they keep harping on it. I am also sure most of the Malaysians (Muslim or not) would not support this idea. So why are this few fanatics trying to impose their idea (good for all) on the majority? Its like the Chinese or Indians trying to impose their ideology on all Malaysians. How ridiculous. I have nothing against any political party but PAS should clean up themselves or most of their leaders would be dumb cos the will have their tongue cut out for lying!

2. Malaichai - December 27, 2008

Ya Ah Pek you are right! Why can’t these brain dead people just do their job like what they are suppose to do and stop trying to impose their silly ideas on others. Even if they are in power, I don’t believe they will have the majority to change the constitution to implement their Islamic State idea! But if they have the majority in Parliament then the Non Muslim deserve to be treated the Islamic way because they are equally stupid to give them the 2/3 majority. Like what Hadi Awang say, those who oppose or do not support islam would then be treason and be put to death! So guys, think carefully before you vote the next time!!!

3. Anonymous - December 27, 2008

The two of you, please remember that we are living in Malaysia and remember that you all must respect the Malay Supremacy! So if they decide that this is an Islamic State so be it. Like what Prof Ridzuan Tee say … we are just tumpang their country …

4. Orang Malaysia - December 27, 2008

As we all knows the rightful owners would be Orang Asli! People are bringing down barriers of race and religion, yet political gimmic trying to instill and install those agenda again.

5. Wise Malaysian - December 27, 2008

Don’t worry people, the Barisan National is still very much in control and wouldn’t fall apart like you guys think. Since its conception it has been doing a good job. Remember those emergency days with the terrorism by CPM and see how we have eradicated them. Just wait and see how we eradicate this political extremism.

6. Justice - December 28, 2008

What is so bad about PAS compromising with their partners in the Pakatan Rakyat! Let’s be fair to them as well, when UMNO compromise its is seen as being fair, when PAS compromise it is seen as giving up their ideals, why this double standards! If you cannot be fair in your comments then you should just shut UP!

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