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Nizar Versus Proton December 25, 2008

Posted by malaysianstory in Malaysian By Election.

So who’s telling the truth now? Is it Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar or Proton, our national car manufacturer, over the Perdana V6 maintenance cost issue.

Nizar is obstinate to use RM2.7mil taxpayers’ money to buy 16 Toyota Camrys for his exco men citing the high maintenance cost of Perdana V6.

However, Nizar has yet to come out with the breakdown cost of maintenance for each Perdana V6 possessed by the state government to authenticate his claims.

He is just making a sweeping statement to validate the use of the taxpayers’ money.

Proton in a statement rebuffed Nizar’s allegations.

The company said the fee charged is reasonable and depends largely on regular servicing at authorised service centres every three months or every 5,000km or recommended by the manufacturer.

It said the typical mileage for a car under normal usage is between 20,000km and 30,000km per year where average total maintenance cost of a Perdana V6 is about RM2,300.

So, what is Nizar talking about? It is typical of Nizar, a PAS leader, making

rash claims over things that he did not know for sure. Obviously, the statement was made to warrant the purchase of the cars for his exco men.

A piece of advice for the unpatriotic Nizar. The rakyat is not stupid. Don’t fool them all the time.



1. orang-orang - December 25, 2008

it was only 8 months since pakatan took over the perak govt. instead of doing something for the rakyat, they are talking of robbing the rakyat’s money in broad daylight. whats happening to PR?

2. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

hey man.. actually all the information about the breakdown cost of maintenance for each Perdana V6 was published by state government and distributed to public.. but i guess the mainstream media was to busy criticize state government..

3. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

i give u a piece of info, cost of maintenance from 2004-2007 for 15 perdana cars= rm 1.3 million.. that about 85 thousands per car.. do ur math..

4. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

plz do ur research b4 u want 2 write anything..

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