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Toyota Camry and Taxpayers Money December 21, 2008

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Commit no excess: for God loveth not those given to excess.” (5:87)
“And the servants of (God) Most Gracious are those who… when they spend, are not extravagant and not niggardly, but hold a just (balance) between those (extremes).” (25:63-67).
These are some of the Islamic virtues which contained in the Holy Quran and should be practiced by all Muslims to make us devout Muslim.
PAS, clamoring to be an Islamic party that is bent to turned the country into an Islamic state, despite vast disparity in ideologies among its members in Pakatan-Rakyat coalition, especially DAP with its unwavering declaration that Malaysia is a secular country, is no exception when it comes to moral and good values.
PAS was speedy when condemning policies by the BN government but they failed to look themselves in the mirror as they are no better when it comes to greed and wealth.
The recent announcement by the Perak state government to spend RM2.7mil in taxpayers money to buy 16 Toyota Camrys, each costing RM167,000, certainly does not speak well with its idealogies as an Islamic party.
It does not make sense for a PAS Mentri Besar who should adopt prudent management, especially during the current economic doldrums, is spending so much just to drive them around.
They will argue that the state excos are entitled for the Toyota Camry which is equivalent to a Proton Perdana Executive, which is priced almost comparable to the former.
However, the rakyat would have acclaimed the Perak government had the Mentri Besar opted for a cheaper model, such as the V6 Proton Perdana, which cost about RM105,000 OTR, thus savings much of the people’s money.
The state government could have saved nearly RM1mil if they put prestige and esteem of being chauffered-driven in luxury cars aside.
Well, we cannot blame them as rhetorics and deceiving the rakyat are their political modus-operandi.


1. pas insider - December 22, 2008

i agree with u 101%. pas is now showing its true colors. greed and power abuse. they never preach what they say

2. pas fanatic - December 25, 2008

well bro, it also happened during bn’s rule. i believed it was worse. so, stop blaming pas for something good the party is doing,. bn or umno is no better

3. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

do you know that ex-MB(tajol rosli) used two cars? beside perdana, he bought a mercedes benz ML 320 and the cost of maintenance is rm90k!!!

4. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

another info 4 u, the toyota camry cost only 97000 b4 tax.. so, the rest will go to the government and back to the people…hope so…

5. raja luqman - December 31, 2008

i give u a piece of info, cost of maintenance from 2004-2007 for 15 perdana cars= rm 1.3 million.. that about 85 thousands per car.. do ur math..

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