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Strange Bedfellows December 15, 2008

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Ripples are emerging in the Pakatan-Rakyat marriage of conveviece. The hardline policy of PAS is disturbing and worrying its bedfellows in DAP and Parti Keadilan.

On the other hand, PAS is in a dilemma and caught between satisfying its non-Muslim desires for equality and an end to discrimination while guarding the sanctity of Islam and Malay by not succumbing to pressures by non-Muslims.

All of them are actually strange bedfellows who could not agree on anything. Same bed and pillows but different dreams.

Infact, fissures between them are obvious now that they are in divergence over issues on the sale of liquor, the appointment of a non-Malay as the general manager of PKNS, etc.etc. to the extent that PAS sole-exco member in the Selangor state government admitted recently that he was in a dilemma over certain policiesof the state and is facing difficulty to work and administer under such condition.

PAS involvement in the mob that broke up a Bar Council inter-faith forum early this year is another example of the same dilemma.

It would also not support a Pakatan Rakyat government that is not majority Malay. The party is also determined to see their party president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang to be Prime Minister if Pakatan seizes power.

The party is in a quandary and unable to resolve the ideological battle between moderation and the demand for a theocratic state.

The electorate believe they woke up to a new Malaysia on March 8 hope for a better Malaysia minus race, religion and discrimination.

However, they were in for a shock that the people whom they had voted for and preaching “common human” values have fallen back on old habits.



1. PAS PELAWAT - December 15, 2008

well, they sleep together on the same bed and pillow but they never sodomise each other. so, i dont understand how they fall into the trap of the so-called Pak Sheikhand even appointed him as their leader..Strange isnt it?

2. Fuck Off - December 15, 2008

What kinda of rubbish is all these. You should be a shame about yourselves, writing rubbish like this!

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