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PAS-DAP Marriage of Convenience December 12, 2008

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Conservative PAS and secular DAP are now locking horns over the issue on the sale of liquor in Selangor – exposing that their marriage of convenience is on the rock.
The coalition partners which have expressed discordant views over their political guiding principles over the past years have thrown some doubt into whether they could still preserve the pact made before the March 8 general election.
The spat over the liquor issue and whether the country is an Islamic or a secular state has at least provided some bullets to Barisan Nasional to shoot their political enemies in the fragile coalition.
DAP publicity chief Tony Pua has lambasted PAS Selangor, stating that “it needs a crash course in coalition politics,” after its PR partner reportedly said it would ban all alcohol sales in the state.
He also called Pas Selangor arrogant.
Pua also reminded Pas that they were partners of a coalition in which “they possess only eight of the 36 seats won” by all the members.
Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said: “We do not want to be seen to be encouraging alcohol consumption among the youth and Muslims. But we cannot deny the rights of non-Muslims. Is that all he could say or he is caught in between the marriage of convenience between his friends in the coalition.
PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa said in Parliament that PAS stand on this issue, as in others which affect the morals and safety of people, is that there should be controls,” he said, adding that it generally tries to push for this in all states where the party is part of the administration.
Malaysia is an Islamic country. DAP has maintained that the Federal Constitution says that Islam is the official religion of the country but Malaysia is a secular country.
DAP’s assertions have been rebuffed by PAS leaders. PAS’s Datuk Harun Din, answering a hypothetical question, said that if PAS took control of the Federal government, it would consider amending the constitution and turning Malaysia into an Islamic state. This statement invited howls of protests not only from DAP byt MCA leaders.

This proves that PAS and DAP leaders are sleeping on the same pillow but with different dreams. We hope that we will not have nightmares over their marriage problem,



1. ketuanan melayu - December 13, 2008

i dont know how dap and pas with differing views can work together in the long run. they have shown their true colors only after eight months in power in 5 states, wonder what will happen to their marriage of convenience in the future

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