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DAP Lies December 7, 2008

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The Penang Government has pledged to obliterate poverty by March next year which is just three months away.

The vow was made by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng himself during its numerous meetings with the press while attending official functions in the state.

Lim said one of the ways to turn Penang into a poverty-free state is to use RM17mil from the coffers of the state’s Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) to provide RM100 rebate to each of the 170,000 households in the state.

The funny thing is that does Lim know there are only 494 hardcore poor families and 1,500 poor families in Penang?

For someone holding the highest executive post in a state, his statement is percetibly misleading and preposterous.

How can he not know the statistics of hardcore poor families at finger tips when he claims to be the champion of poor people.

Obviously, Lim is not sincere in helping poor people as he does not even know what is happening on the ground.

Lim is also fond of digging past faults of the previous state government to cover up his own weaknesses.

The recent Seberang Prai Municipal Council financial debacle where RM230mil in reserves was depleted to RM6.4mil in just nine years was another Lim’s hullaballoo.

The fact that Lim does not know is RM84mil of the reserves was used to build the council’s headquarters in Bandar Baru Perda under the instructions of his Pakatan-Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim when the latter was Deputy Prime Minister.

When Lim, his father and his DAP ultra-Chinese party unveiled their 12th general election manifesto, they were plenty of promises in it.

However, after nine months at the helm, the promises turned into blatant lies and many Penangites felt betrayed.

Lim’s father, Lim Kit Siang, the party’s adviser, even pledged to transform Penang into a new Singapore. The Penang Government has pledged to obliterate poverty by March next year which is just three months away.

Instead of becoming a new Singapore, Lim is bucking the trend by luring low-tech FDI which will definitely put Penang at a playing field with the likes of Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Lim is not bringing Penang to greater heights but pushing it downward and backward..



1. Hardcore@gmail.com - December 7, 2008

hey,why don’t you guys just leave Lim alone to do his task instead of sabotaging his efforts! We all know that you and your conspirators have been blocking all the Penang State government’s effort to help the hard core poor in penang. We wish that you’ll all just die and let the help reach the pooe. At least he is helping the 424 first instead of not doing anything! Good for you Lim

2. PKR - December 7, 2008

My dear writter, are you aware that The BN government also ve many p-election promises that they have forgotten? Why have you not mention it in your blog? Maybe you are too chicken to say anything about it … or you know what will happen! Guys lets be more down to earth and make sure the poor are really taken care of to show them that you are a rung above them all even though you have got no experience running a state! Carry on with you great job!

3. True Malaysian - December 8, 2008

Penang nites wake up, you are all screwed by the so called Barisan alternative. Look around u, is the economy better than it is during Barisan National’s rule? Where have all the contracts gone? Think through this carefully and see if life is easier now than before?

4. Truer Malaysian - December 8, 2008

Yes, True Malaysian, I agree with u 100%, life has been getting from bad to worse. It didn’t matter who is at fault but the poor is still poor and the future doesn’t look brighter. So wake up guys, BN or BA, make sure you deliver ur pre-election promises!

5. ketuanan melayu - December 12, 2008

i dont understnd why guan eng is blowing his own trumphet. dont you think that it is his duties to help the poor as head of the state government. the federal govt is spending rm4mil monthly just to help poor families in the central seberang prai district through the welfare department but none is reported. but guan eng is clamoring for massive publicity for a pack of rice given to each family, so just do it guan eng. you dont have to show off your hero image and chamipon of the poor.dont you think that it your responsilities as the people have elected you.

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