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An Open Letter to Pakatan Rakyat Leaders December 2, 2008

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I USED to respect the DAP leaders, especially former parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, for speaking up against the numerous wrongs in this country.
But since its alliance with PKR and PAS, the DAP leaders have lost their stinging criticism, with attacks directed against the Barisan Nasional only. Their leaders have chosen to ignore completely the many attempts by PAS leaders to erode our liberal way of life.
Where were the DAP leaders when PAS called for the ban of liquor and gambling at the Islamist party’s recent general assembly?
No doubt, other religions are also against the consumption of liquor and gambling but non-Muslims have a choice.
There is no compulsion for us but merely the exercise of wisdom.
The use of wine, for example, is perfectly accepted in certain religious rituals.
But even the outspoken Karpal Singh, who used to stand against PAS, is no longer speaking up. Is it because the DAP leaders believe that political expediency is more important than principles and rights now because the lure of power and positions may be within grasp?
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim talks about luring 30 BN MPs but why is the DAP, which used to condemn defections, now openly embracing such an attempt to topple the Government? Where is the DAP principle of transparency and accountability?
Where were the voices of the senior DAP leaders when PAS wanted to ban the Avril Lavinge concert?
Why were the DAP leaders muted when the PAS-led Kedah government decided to ban dangdut, rock and pop concerts? Does silence mean consent?
If the Chinese and Indian voters still believe that the DAP will stand up for them, as they used to, we had better think again because the new DAP is more concerned with sleeping with PAS full time now.
I also want the Penang state government to focus on work and not be too eager in giving datukships to young sportsmen and declaring state holidays trivially. What is the message Lim Guan Eng is sending?
I still have a little faith in the DAP but it must speak up against the threat to our liberal ways by extremist politicians posing as theologians.
Kuala Lumpur.


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