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Pakatan Rakyat November 30, 2008

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THE writing is on the wall. Pakatan Rakyat political agenda is neither for the Malays nor to protect the divine of our religion, Islam.

The conduct of PR leaders says it all. Obviously, it is not consonant with what they have manifested.

They refused to understand the sensitivities of the Malays, majority of whom voted them to power, when they announced two mega pig farm projects in Kedah and Selangor.

They rebuffed the call for the ban of liquor in Selangor. The state exco Dr Hassan Ali, a PAS mubaligh, is a disgrace to the Muslims.

He did not even lift his finger to defend the proposed ban of liquor made by his own PR colleague, albeit, preaching good values and moral when he was anchoring the Hal Ehwal Islam programme before his fall out with the Information Ministry.

He also did not say a word on the National Fatwa Council’s edicts on the banning of yoga and penkid.

In fact, it is not only Dr Hassan who is mum about the issues. So are his Tok Guru Nik Aziz, PAS president Hadi Awang and other PAS leaders.

Why are they not supporting the edicts? Are they not Muslim too?

We understand if their boss Anwar Ibrahim is in complete silence when it comes to religious matters. Understandably, what can he say when he himself is a habitual sodomite.



1. Sincere Malaysian - November 30, 2008

Dear Malaysian, I think your are as lost as the lost sheep in the biblical times. First of all lets try to understand Islam, its a truly a beautiful and peaceful religion. Everything it preaches is based on the inner faith and strength of Its fellow muslims and never once has the religion ask the authority to ban anything so that its fellow muslim cannot aquire it. As Malaysian of a fellow human being living in the 21st century, we must know that its impossible to impose absolute censorship to the extend that you because people are so mobile now adays. For example, if all the shops are closed during the holy month of ramadan, where is the blessing of fasting because there are no temptation for you to eat, its the same as you dropping in the middle of the dessert and has no food or drink, does that mean that you are fasting! In actual fact , the blessing comes from the inner strength of refraining from eating or succumbing to your nafsu! so Malaysian, be realistic and do deny others that has the inner strength to refrain and don’t insult us by putting us in the same weak category as your weak self.

2. Common People - November 30, 2008

Yes Sincere Malaysian, if that is the case, it would be very unfair for anyone to prevent us muslims from getting more blessings from refraining or not succumbing to our nafsu! Shame on you guys. The national fatwa is only giving guidance to us so there is no need to comment on it or banning anything, lets show to the world that we Malaysians are from the group with high inner strength and faith thus do not need the law to make us do the right thing. We can do it without any deterrence law or earthly motivation. Allah is great.

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4. Ultra malay - December 2, 2008

laws are made to prevent human being from becoming animals. Look what is happening to our society now. muslim youths can be seen openly consuming alcohol and liquor in the public places. without laws or edicts, our society will become ruthless and meciless as what it is now.
the natioanl fatwa council knows what they are doing and talking about. We as Muslims should support if we do not want our community to become an animalistic kingdom. If we ourselves are helpless, why cant we support?

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