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Fairus Again November 22, 2008

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THE message from the people is clear. Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohd Fairus Khairuddin should resign as he has failed to deliver.

Critics not only come from the people but within his own party and state exco friends.

But the pig-headed and ‘thick-skin’ Fairus is still adamant.

Last Wednesday’s Penang Legislative Assembly sitting saw the Pakatan-Rakyat leader who is Penanti state assemblyman receiving a barrage of bombardment from the floor.

His cited jealousy as reasons demanding for his resignation. He also said there were people who were after his position.

Fairus must be out of his mind. No one is jealous of him and why would anyone be envious of an incapable, incompetent and powerless Deputy Chief Minister.

And if there is anyone who is eyeing his position, that person must be his colleague in PKR and the state government.

My guest is a good as you. In fact, Pulau Betong state assemblyman Muhamad Farid Saad has made it loud and clear in the House for him to resign and the post be given to Batu Maung assemblyman Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, who is Fairus’ buddy in PKR.

Farid also suggested that the executive council post for Islamic Affairs now held by Fairus be given to Permatang Pasir state assemblyman Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman from PAS.

Many people, especially the Malays, have been observing Fairus. He is a non-performer and playing too much politics.

He must have been experiencing a culture shock immediately after he was sown in to the post.

When he was reprimanded by his boss, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, for seldom meeting his constituents, his reason was that he was busy.

He also resigned when given the task to head the state’s football association, claiming that his schedule was too tight.

And he was also absent during the Merdeka Day celebrations.

If Fairus is too busy, when is he going to find time to prepare a blue-print for Penang Malays?

What about his constituents? When is he meeting them? What about the education and economic future of the Malays?

PKR is doomed to fail in Penang, not only because the party’s leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is busy preparing for his sodomy trial but Fairus, who is Anwar’s most trusted leader and friend in Penang, is not making things any better.



1. Penang Nite - November 23, 2008

Hi, normally I would just keep quiet on these issues as it does not affect the guys on the street like us much but I think you guys need to lay off for a while to let the opposition try to rule Penang. Try to look at the other stated that BN is ruling, are they doing any better, or Malaysia as a whole, is the Federal Government doing any better? If they are let’s see how much better are they, especially in the next election.

2. Joe - November 23, 2008

Yeh, why pick on him. Since he is vote into position then let him do his job. Even our Prime Minister has his flaws, we should respect the voters choice and stop criticizing him. I am sure he has his strong points. If you think you can do better than them then why don’t you run for election and see if you are any better!

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