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Nalla vs Anwar November 19, 2008

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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, once a firebrand left-leaning Islamic youth leader, was long considered Malaysia’s Prime Minister-in-waiting.
His sacking from the Cabinet effectively ended the roller-coaster career ride of the man, who is now Malaysia’s Opposition leader and a staunch government critic.
Today, many also remember him as a hypocrite and habitual sodomite. One of them is Datuk K.S.. Nallakarupan, Anwar’s tennis partner and close friend of 30 years, who described the former deputy prime minister as a man of many faces.
He has a different face for an urban audience and another for the rural folk.
“I know his story in and out. I know his character in and out. My advice to Malaysians is don’t ever trust Anwar Ibrahim”, Nalla said.
Nalla also recalled the day when he was cheated by Anwar who had promised to name him as the candidate for the Ijok by-election. Instead he named Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the candidate.
As a loyal friend, Nalla did not complain and carried on with his responsibilities to campaign for Khalid as he put the party above self-interest.
But the last straw that broke Nalla’s back was when Anwar told him to withdraw from the contest for PKR vice-president after having initially giving him the green light to contest.
Recalling his friendsip with the now PKR de-factor leader, Nalla said he had been prepared to give his life for Anwar.
“I went to jail for a year for him. I suffered for him and faced the death sentence for him. I suffered business losses for him and look at how I was treated,” said Nalla, who was then the Magnum Corporation Bhd public affairs director.
Nalla has since formed the Malaysian Indian United Party to fight for the Indians and is supporting Barisan Nasional.
Nalla also warned Malaysian Indians not to be fooled into thinking Anwar was fighting for them.
“He did not fight for the community while in government and he is not going to do so now,” Nalla said.
He added that many others had become disillusioned with Anwar and had left the PKR, including PKR’s secretary-general Anuar Tahir, supreme council member Saari Sungib, deputy president Abdul Rahman Osman and Youth head Ezam Mohd Nor.
Nalla urged the Indian community not to be taken in by Anwar’s perceived support for the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and its five detained leaders.
“He is merely using the issue to gain support from the Indian community,” he said.
Nalla also said Dr Mahathir had judged Anwar correctly.
“What Dr Mahathir said about Anwar is true. “Although I had to suffer on his (Dr Mahathir) instruction but at least he can now know that what he said about Anwar is true,” said Nallakarupan.
His advice to Malaysians: “Don’t make him prime minister. He will destroy the country.
“I am doing this for the nation and the younger generation, not for one race but everyone.”

Another Anwar’s close friend and former PKR deputy president Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar broke a seven-year silence to warn that “if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes the prime minister, it will be an unmitigated disaster for Malaysia”.



1. Tontolou - November 20, 2008

I think you wrong Mr.Writer

2. Pilak - November 21, 2008

Hi Mr Tontolou, I guess your pseudonym is Balls in Kadazan. Cute name for a cute guy. Why don’t you present your point of view. Maybe we can all share the correct points of views. It’ll make it more interesting to get the correct picture so that everyone knows instead of Mr Writter presenting his own views only.

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