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Money doesn’t Grow on Tree November 18, 2008

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Money doesn’t grow on tree. This analogy befits Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who is a worried man now.

He has reached a deadlock on how to generate income for Penang and ensure its continued growth.

He is getting more worried than anyone else in Penang as the Pearl of the Orient’s economy is poised to take a severe beating when recession sets in by next year.

After eight months at the helm, he has not come up with any affirmative fiscal policy for Penang except blaming the previous BN state government and busy politicking.

Yesterday, he announced that Penang is considering a “monorail in the sky” as an answer to its long-standing traffic congestion woes.

Has he done his homework before opening his mouth? Does he know that 13 years ago the state government had planned to introduce a Light Rail Transit system for similar purpose, to ease Penang’s horrendous traffic congestions.

Several years later, the tram system was suggested but did not materialize. Then the LRT was put forward again.

Before the fall of the BN government in Penang, the monorail, a rail-based transportation system based on a single rail was thrown back into idea but it remained a proposal until March 8.

The fact that Guan Eng did not bother to check is that such a project is not viable as it will face ridership problem.

Penang is a small island and Penagites are used to drive their own cars to travel within the island.

Over the mainland, the people are comfortable with the public transport, buses, as most of them are not well to do.

They will definitely avoid using the monorail, which Guan Eng has in mind, as the fares will definitely burn a big hole in their pockets.

Instead of talking about something which he himself knows impossible to implement, Guan Eng should focus on rebuilding Penang’s economy and look after the welfare of the rakyat.

He has set a target of December, 2009, to wipe out poverty in Penang which many doubt will be achieved.

The monorail in the sky is obviously another “Mat Jenin” dreams of another Pakatan-Rakyat leader. 

We have enough of Anwar Ibrahim’s Mat Jenin dreams to become PM.



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