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Interests of Justice and Fair Play November 16, 2008

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This is what Lim Kit Siang’s says in his blog titled ‘Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia.’

In the interests of justice and fair play, the conspirators against Anwar Ibrahim must be exposed and duly punished for causing undue public disquiet and social instability, and for slurring the image of the country and causing doubts in the minds of foreign investors about justice and security of their investments.

My reply:

Wait-lah Mr Lim. The first chapter on Anwar’s sodomy trial has just been open in the Session Court. There is a still a long way to go.

Why you cannot wait ah? Is it because you cannot wait to see either a Chinese or an Indian to become a Deputy Prime Minister if Anwar’s is Prime Minister.

Lim Kit Siang says:

The Home Minister appears to be in a hurry to close the Saiful sodomy case now that Dr. Mohd Osman medical report is widely known. Not so fast Mr Minister. There are many unanswered questions which he must explain to the people.

My reply:

What happened to the medical report that you were harping on earlier and where has Dr Mohd Osman gone hiding? Tell the truth lah Mr Lim and don’t use loose evidence and something you are not sure to fool and mislead the people. Obviously your argument is fallacious. What unanswered questions you are talking about eh! Tell-lah what.

Lim Kit Siang says:

Who were behind the conspiracy? Was it the IGP or the Attorney General? Was it the top echelon of Umno leaders who fear that Anwar might the next prime minister? Why was the whole government machinery used to hound Anwar? A professional and independent approach was totalling lacking. At the earlier stage, the same two persons whom Anwar alleged were the principal conspirators in the 1998 sodomy case during the premiership of Tun Dr Mahathir, were directing operation.

My reply:

Aiya Mr Lim! Old story again ah. You seem to have the same mentality like Anwar. Government’s conspiracy and nothing else. Tell me Mr Lim, who would be so stupid to use the same raison d’être against the same person, what more when it is Anwar Ibrahim.

Only someone brainless and foolish will accuse the government of conspiring against Anwar. Like you-lah!

Lim Kit Siang says:

On hindsight the suspicions were proven to be correct. A medical report on Saiful stated there was no tear, no ulcer – which would indicate there was no penetration of the anus. The report did not mention about semen. The conclusion to be drawn was there was no sodomy.

So why the insistence of a fresh blood sample when no sodomy was committed. The answer is obvious – to fabricate evidence.

My reply:

Whose conclusion Mr Lim? Your own conclusion I believe. Are you the doctor who examined Saiful? Don’t talk-lah if you don’t know. You only presume and it is speculative in nature. Wah! You talk like a judge making a verdict. We shall see Mr Lim if whatever you said has any footing.

I have only one simple advice to all fellow readers. “Let’s get this monkey off our backs.”



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