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Ensure People’s Interest be Given Top Priority November 11, 2008

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Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah is definitely concern and visibly upset over the recent attacks on the status and eminence of the Malay rulers, Islam, the Malay language and the special privileges of Malays as enshrined in the Federal Constitutions.

Sultan Azlan also reminded that the interest of the people who elected the government should be given priority, and the country’s peace and harmony should not be sacrificed in the name of power struggles among leaders.

Why was Sultan Azlan Shah upset? It took so much fortitude in him to open a can of worms to bash the Opposition, albeit in a polite manner, over their excessive politicking over these issues.

“If there are mistakes in the implementation of certain policies, what needs to be rectified is the implementation mechanism. The core policies which form the foundation of this independent country, should not be challenged.

“It is feared that such actions, if not stopped, will hurt the sensitivities of the Malays,” he added.

We can understand the outburst of the Sultan judging from attacks and criticism by non-Malays over the special rights of the Malays and their rulers of late.

As former Lord President, Sultan Azlan certainly knows what he was talking about and meant. The issues have far reaching effects than one can imagine. We do not want a repeat of May 13 but it is not possible if the Malays, who is well-know for their patience are constantly provoked and challenged.

Pakatan-Rakyat, being a party that does represent majority of the Malays, should stop playing with fire. DAP too, a secular, ultra and Chinese-based party, should stop harping on meritocracy.

During its inception in October, 1965, the DAP declared itself to be “irrevocably committed to the ideal of a free, democratic and socialist Malaysia, based on the principles of racial and religious equality, social and economic justice, and founded on the institution of parliamentary democracy.

Is DAP walking the talk. What racial equality and economic justice they are advocating? Do they realize that Malays represent about 65% population of this country but hold only 18% of the nation’s wealth?

I am flabbergasted that this party has the impudence to declare that they are committed to the ideal of economic justice.

The recent insult made by the party over the King’s speech when he opened the Parliament Session that the King was only reading prepared text by the Government is testament that these ultra-Chinese champions are anti-Malays, albeit, calling themselves guardian angels of all races.

Where is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hiding when issues insulting and offending the Malays are constantly harped by the DAP?

Oh! I must have forgotten that Anwar is busy preparing his speech text for his sodomy case. I wonder if the text will have nothing else, but chock-full with allegations of Government’s conspiracy against him to kill his political career and impede his “Mat Jenin” dreams to become PM.



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