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IS PAS in a Dilemma November 3, 2008

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IS PAS in a dilemma or Pakatan Rakyat in a quandary to satisfy the political desires of their ally?

The recent call by MCA veep Liow Tiong Lai to abolish the 30% bumiputra requirement for public listed companies has certainly put not only PAS, but Pakatan Rakyat in a fix.

Not sufficient, DAP joined their blood brothers in MCA by slamming PAS and taken the party to task, saying the Islamic party outburst over the issue is misguided.

So, what PAS and Pakatan Rakyat are going to do about this? Are they going back on their commitments to defend meritocracy, equality and abandon race-based politics and risk losing support and faith of their Malay supporters?

Or continue to sing to the tune of the DAP which of course wants the 30% requirement abolished. The ultra-Chinese party will dismantle the policy right away if they could do it their own way.

These are the pertinent problems and race-based issues faced by PAS, PR and DAP that made a pact based on “marriage of convenience”, just to satisfy their political lust and desires.

It will not last long and soon, the pact will be disintegrated and each of them will return to their old political habits.

DAP with its Malaysia Malaysia struggles, PAS will make its demand of a theocratic state while Pakatan Rakyat led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will have nothing else but to pursue the one-man dream of becoming Prime Minister.

PAS on the other hand, has to date said nothing about Anwar’s sodomy case scheduled on November 10, albeit, claiming defending and promoting Islam.



1. James - November 3, 2008

Yes all those mentioned above have their moments of truth not to mention their own political agenda. As Malaysian we should now work together and make sure that our economy is strong to withstand the current global economic crisis. What’s the use of having 30% of the equity when its not worth the papers they are printed on. Think carefully before we go on inciting people for our own political aspiration or ideology …
Don’t get too worried about PKR, cos PAS has never been a stable partner either to BN or any other party. Anyway BN is also at the verge of disintegration cos its component parties are almost wipe out in the last election. If they don’t perform and keep on squabbling among themselves they might find themselves vote out this time. So whats the use of having all the right principles when they are not incontrol of the country’s future. So guys wake up and and stop squabbling among yourselves and help make a better Malaysia. Drop the petty requests and be sensitive to others needs as well.

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