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We voted the Opposition to work September 24, 2008

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On March 8, 2008 the rakyat – disgusted with the lack of direction of the present Government – gave their votes to the Opposition which altogether won five states, Kuala Lumpur, and half of Negeri Sembilan.

The reason why we turned to the Opposition was because we wanted their leaders to start working for us as an alternative government to turn Malaysia into a progressive and developed country.

We wanted transparency, total commitment and dedication from the Opposition leaders. And they promised to deliver all these, including a host of other pledges.

But six months on, Malaysians are shocked to find our experiment failing miserably.

PKR, DAP and PAS leaders, and the Opposition leaders helming the five states have not contributed at all to our well being and are interested only in politics and becoming the ruling Government as soon as possible.

Where are the promises the Opposition had made during the last general elections to better our lives and bring the country’s derailed economy back on track?

Every day we see Anwar Ibrahim – who is facing a sodomy charge, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang talking about taking over the Government.

When we voted the Opposition, we want them to prove themselves and if their report cards are good during this term, we would undoubtedly want them to form the Government after the next election.

But they have failed us again and proven that the Opposition is all about words, not deeds!



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