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Brother Kit, just stop talking September 22, 2008

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DAP’s advisor Lim Kit Siang loves talking whether it is in his almost daily press conferences or just as many press releases.

If you don’t hear him at these two mediums, you can hear him in other people’s press conferences, and it doesn’t matter if the events were being held by other DAP members or members of PR. Thus is the omnipresence of the great DAP leader.

But when one talks too much, one is bound to think much lesser and make more mistakes.

On Sept 21, 2008 Kit Siang said he was pushing for the emergency parliamentary sitting soonest so that the PM could prove BN still enjoys the support of a majority of the MPs, and therefore justifies BN as the ruling Government.

Well Mr Lim, the onus should be on the Opposition to prove that PR is having the support of the majority of the MPs, including the 31 BN MPs who had joined the Opposition as claimed by Anwar Ibrahim.

It’s almost akin to stupidity. Why should the PM yield to Kit Siang’s request when BN is the current Government? BN has nothing to lose by not having the emergency parliamentary sitting.

Perhaps Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi Awang know that Anwar is guilty to the core as far as his sodomy case is concerned. Maybe they fear Anwar may not be able to defend himself in the court of law due to the overwhelming evidence.

If not, why then are Kit Siang and the Opposition so hell bent on having the sitting, including making ridiculous demands, before the sodomy hearing starts on Oct 10, 2008 which is just after Raya?



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