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The people hoodwinked again and again…. September 18, 2008

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I feel very disappointed over Anwar Ibrahim’s press conference on Sept 16, 2008, which was not to announce that he would be PM since Pakatan Rakyat has garnered sufficient votes.

He only said he had 31 names of BN candidates who were crossing over and that he would only hand them over personally to the PM.

As an apolitical professional, I think Anwar never had the figures nor the strength to take over the Government and his press conference was a “damage control” attempt to cover up his shortcomings.

I guess now that Anwar’s bluff has been revealed, he should just do his duties and serve the people and his voters in Permatang Pauh as opposition leader and MP. Enough of this talk about taking over the Government through bribery and coercion.

If not, the only reason why I think Anwar is going on and on about becoming PM is to distract us from his sodomy trial. Maybe Anwar wants to be PM so that he can acquit himself of the charge? Only God knows.



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