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Malaysian Story September 6, 2008

Posted by malaysianstory in Introduction.

We have lots of political groups starting web sites and blogs to woo the general public in the recent concluded general elections. As a responsible member of the public, we have got together to express our views so that we the “little people” would also be heard. I am sure the major groups such as the government, the opposition as well as the fence sitters are closely monitoring the going ons in the web. Even then, as caring Malaysian, we feel it is our responsibility to air our views so that all the mentioned groups will consider those views when planning and construction a better Malaysia.

Of course, our views may not be accepted by the general masses or the minority elite who is running the state or even those sitting on the opposite bench. Nevertheless we strongly feel that it has to be said. We as the general masses should let our elected representatives know our view of what is happening to our beloved country even though they do not seek our opinions after being elected.

Fellow small country men, lets hope that our views are taken into consideration when they decide on our future. Probably if we all pray hard enough to the almighty may he be “Allah”, Jesus, Buddha, Siva or even the “Tua Pek Kong” I am sure our gods will show them the right way.

Never forget that we are responsible to ensure a better nation for our children and grand children.



1. Allan - September 8, 2008

I believe Malaysia is a country that lost its perspective. No one really believes in the country, well there is a hand full but that’s all. Everyone wants a leader that would lead and not plead in the papers. No one wants to know what ‘will’ be done, everyone wants actions. I hope that any leader new or old would step up, take the countries banner and keep moving forward. I have 2784 Sundays more in my life, and I don’t intend to spend the rest of it in Malaysia until it starts growing up!

2. Mamat - September 11, 2008

You are right to some extend but let’s not jump into conclusion so fast. What kind of Malaysians are we if we were to abandon her when she is in need. We all should work together to ensure that she grows up. Yes the leaders should be more action orientated but then again their actions MUST benefit the country instead of just messing up the situation. Everyone Malay, Chinese, Indian or others should refrain from making comments and give the leaders a month or two to sort things out. Everyone MUST remember that tempers and emotions does not solve problems but only aggravate it. So MALAYSIANS wake up and don’t let others charge your emotions for their own gain. Think carefully, whoever is the prime minister will not benefit you cos you are not one of those lucky ones close to them, May it be Abdullah, Anwar or Najib so why kick up such a fuss, just be a responsible Malaysian so that we can continue to prosper (Maybe slowly).

3. Joe - September 12, 2008

Bravo Mamat, very well said. what ever we decide to do, we should not let the two idiots mess up what we have achieve so far. We must be thankful for being able to live prosperously this far. Although not with abundance but at least enough from day to day. Brothers likten to this Mamat and think clearly for our own sake.

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